4 Takeaways from BizBash IdeaFest 2012


1) Photobooths, Photobooths and more Photobooths

We’ve lost count of how many variations of the modern photobooth we’ve now seen. This can only mean 1 thing….events like photos. Why? They’re fun! And today they are a powerful way to make your event more social. The best booths we’ve seen integrate easily with social media platforms (Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc) which allows attendees to share their event experience with their social networks and therefore exposing the event to more people. We’re most inspired by solutions with simplistic interfaces that require limited operator help. Fun props for attendees to look foolish a must!

2) Planners Love Unique Experiences

Similar to last year, we continue to see event planners incredibly focused on creating unique event experiences. Obviously this shouldn’t be news to anyone…..it’s our job as event producers. It’s just interesting to see it happening in every aspect of events. Decor, catering, invitations (preferably electronic), lighting, talent, ice sculptures, even carpeting! When you think about all the things that go into planning an event its immense. When planners pay close attention to every detail to create their own unique event experience is when they are most successful and when guests are most inspired.

3) More Events = More Freelancers

You may have seen the piece MSNBC did following our CEO during our time producing events at the RNC and DNC this summer. That was inspired by MSNBC’s research that estimates that the event planning industry will grow by 40% over the next 2 years and Event Planning has become one of the most sought after jobs in the country. We’re already seeing it. We’re also seeing a trend towards more freelancing. We met dozens of freelance event producers at BizBash. Organizations and companies are hosting more events and that means that there’s more work for planners. This is opening up more opportunities for Freelancers. We think this is happening because events are easy easy to compartmentalize into projects so outsourcing event planning makes sense and can save money. #lovefreelance

4) Can Twitter be a distraction?

We didn’t have too much time to engage in the twitter conversation surrounding #bizbash this year but we were surprised this morning when we looked back to catch up and searched #bizbash on Twitter and found a decent amount of tweets but not to the level we expected from thousands of event planners. We haven’t fully digested why yet but here’s a thought: Maybe everyone was just really busy like us, engaged in personal interactions and didnt have time to tweet? Could this actually be a sign that the conference was more effective and brought people together for in-person interactions? Is Twitter potentially a distraction? Hmmm………..