5 Ways to Manage your VIPs like an MVP



The first rule of engagement is personalization. The entire guest list won’t fit into a cookie cutter mold; there should be unique segments you’re trying to target in order to most effectively achieve your goals.  One group will stand out as your most wanted, big kahuna, slam dunk… you get the picture! These are your VIPs. How can you make sure they have a fantastic experience?  Follow these tips and you’ll be managing your VIPs like an MVP:


There is no universal checklist that qualifies someone as a VIP.  Whether it’s specific to a singular event or your company in general, you have to decide what entitles an individual to VIP status.  Is it someone who will donate X amount of money? A client who has been loyal to you for 10+ years? Does it matter how well-known they are in your industry? After you figure out what you define as a VIP, you can make sure those guests receive the appropriate communication and attention before, during, and after the event. 


Each invitation should be strategically designed for it’s intended recipient. Think of it this way… you wouldn’t use the same pitch on someone buying a Maserati as you would one interested in a Ford, would you?  For example, the ultra VIPs are people who generally have less time to pay attention to details.  For them, send an invite that is very straightforward: “This is going to be a great event.  We want you here.” Boom! While your event is bound to have amazing details like specialty cocktails and a perfomance by that one up and coming musician, you don’t need to waste their precious time going into all that.  Grab their attention and relay why they should be there with a simple, but significant invite.


First impressions are important. Bet you’ve never heard that before! Cliches aside, you want to make sure your VIPs have an great time at your event from start to finish.  Your staff should be well versed on who they are and the protocol that goes along with accomodating them! Check-in notes and Arrival Alerts are useful tools – these help you recognize a guest as a VIP at check-in, as well as notify the right people of their arrival. Preparation ensures your VIPs will get the red carpet experience they deserve.


Let’s face it… it’s fun to get special treatment! At your event, the VIPs are the celebrities.  Use your event to cultivate a sense of exclusivity for your very important guests.  How you achieve this is up to you. There are tried and true methods such as assigning a different entrance and a VIP only section, but this is a chance to get creative! Are they allowed to get on stage and dance with the band? Do they get complimentary transporation after the event? Use your imagination to give your VIPs a night they won’t soon forget.

Above and Beyond:

In a world that’s all about the fastest solution, people notice if you take the time to go the extra mile.  There are a lot of ways you can go above and beyond to show your VIPs your appreciation.  Instead of just clicking send on a digital invitation, you could also mail them a traditional invite as a keepsake.  After the event, send them on their way with a commemorative, limited edition gift.  Give them exclusive access to all photos and videos of the night before they are released to the public.  The options are endless!

Keeps these tips in mind when catering to those extra special guests and you’re guaranteed to enhance the VIP experience and build long lasting relationships!

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