9 Staff Check-in more than 6,000 people for Congressional Baseball Game


Though the inaugural pitch was thrown in 1909, the beloved Congressional Baseball Game for Charity has been played only intermittently since 1914 due to complications such as the Great Depression, WWII, and the notion that the competition proved to be a distraction from work. However, in 1962, the tradition was revived, giving the public the chance to cheer on their Congressmen while they participate in a true All-American pastime. Well, the 2013 Congressional Baseball Game for Charity was no different. While the Republicans and Democrats prepared to battle it out on the diamond, we at Event Farm were ready and waiting to welcome their throngs of fans at the entrance gates.

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4 Takeaways from BizBash IdeaFest 2012


1) Photobooths, Photobooths and more Photobooths

We’ve lost count of how many variations of the modern photobooth we’ve now seen. This can only mean 1 thing….events like photos. Why? They’re fun! And today they are a powerful way to make your event more social. The best booths we’ve seen integrate easily with social media platforms (Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc) which allows attendees to share their event experience with their social networks and therefore exposing the event to more people. We’re most inspired by solutions with simplistic interfaces that require limited operator help. Fun props for attendees to look foolish a must! Continue reading “4 Takeaways from BizBash IdeaFest 2012”

Can Event Farm influence the 2012 Presidential Election?


While we didn’t set out to answer that question initially, it is now clear that Event Farm will leave its mark on the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Don’t worry, we’re not crazy enough to think that Event Farm will sway voters per se, but we do believe that a more effective RNC and DNC can give both parties a stronger voice on the campaign trail.

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Post PLANNERTECH Perspective


Two weeks ago… amidst the franticness of Internet Week NY, nestled away in the intimate downstairs level of Heartland Brewery gathered #eventprofs from across the city to share and discuss the latest in event planning technology. PLANNERTECH is it’s appropriately named is the creation of Liz King, master of connecting and curator of bringing together not only some of the most exciting tech companies in the events space but also their competitors all in the name of sharing and making events easier for planners and attendees.

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Awards Season 2012: A Reflection


For most people, awards season is about watching hours of red carpet coverage and predicting who is going to win Best Picture. But for those of us in the events industry, we know that awards season is a whole lot more. To execute a successful event during this time takes no less than perfect planning in combination with the right people and the right tools. As another awards season comes to a close, we tend to look back and reflect on what worked this year… and what didn’t.

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Siri for President? How can the iPhone’s new personal assistant change the world?


In just a few months, Siri has become the most successful voice recognition tool for consumers we have ever seen. I guess its not all together surprising that this an Apple product. As usual, they did it right. Siri is fun, simple, and efficient. Recently in a brainstorming session at Event Farm we began to consider the possibilities of Apple releasing an API allowing developers to integrate and leverage this technology. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have Siri shop online for us? She would know our sizes, know what we like, and even have our credit information and shipping addresses. Could Siri order pizza for take out? Could she pay our bills? Could she become the candidate the Republicans are so desperately seeking?! Well that’s pretty far off at this point but you get our point. We believe that voice recognition software has the ability to completely change the world we know and live today.

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