Awards Season 2012: A Reflection


For most people, awards season is about watching hours of red carpet coverage and predicting who is going to win Best Picture. But for those of us in the events industry, we know that awards season is a whole lot more. To execute a successful event during this time takes no less than perfect planning in combination with the right people and the right tools. As another awards season comes to a close, we tend to look back and reflect on what worked this year… and what didn’t.

What We’re Loving:

Awards Season Events for a Cause

Many events are now attaching a cause to their awards season parties, and we couldn’t be happier. Non-profits now see this as the time in LA to have their voices heard and their purpose recognized. It’s a time for A-listers to give back, and a time for the events community to highlight important issues.

Adaptation of Technology

Paper tickets and guestlists are making fewer and fewer appearances at red carpet events, and with all of the features and functionality in the marketplace…we aren’t at all surprised!

Focus on the Event Experience

Event producers always have to compete to make sure they have the most exciting and talked-about parties, but never more so than during awards season. With so much competition and multiple parties every night, event organizers are becoming more and more innovative and creating ways to stand out in the crowd. For attendees, this just means better events….And What We’re Not:

Events Without a Clear Purpose

Believe it or not, there are still events that are “parties for the sake of a party”. Perhaps more troubling, there are events that have a purpose but aren’t able to communicate that purpose to the guests. Especially in LA and especially during awards season, these events just don’t measure up.

Transferability of Tickets

Nothing says “high-profile red carpet event” like an exclusive guest list. Unfortunately, handing out paper tickets effectively negates that exclusivity. Even worse? Electronic tickets that beg, “please do not forward this invitation, it is non-transferable.” If your guest list is truly exclusive, make sure that your invitations are truly non-transferable.

Poorly Designed Event Sites

If there were a Fashion Police for event sites, there would be a number of offenders and we would have some words of advice! A-list events should have an A-list event site, electronic ticket, or RSVP process. Without mentioning names, we came across some that were less than fashionable.With awards season behind us, many of us in the events industry are finally breathing that long overdue sigh of relief. But before you know it, we will be in the 2013 Awards Season and ready to do it all again!