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The Farm is growing!

There have been a lot of exciting changes at Event Farm recently, but the bottom line is that our product suite is expanding. Based on industry research and many conversations with our customers, we have been focused on creating and providing software solutions that are of utmost relevance and value when it comes to your immediate event marketing and management goals.

With that in mind, our industry-leading Customer Success managers will be hosting a live webinar on Thursday, December 15th, to step through our two core platforms, Event Farm and Attend by Event Farm. During the webinar, we’ll give live demonstrations of each product's strengths,  showing the undeniably positive results that come from using the platforms in conjunction. 

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 12/8/16 11:10 AM

Marketing Your Event on Social Media: 6 Design Tips for Non-Designers

At Event Farm we’re constantly in contact with event marketers, and we understand that event pros are busier than the average busy person. Between securing venues, finding speakers, hiring a caterer, and making sure every last detail is in place, event pros also have to find time to get the word out about their event.

Even if you have graphic designers creating a registration page and beautiful invites for your event, they might not have the time to create design assets to help market your event to a wider audience on social media.

But social media platforms are valuable tools for marketers, and you don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to attract your social followers to your event. Even if you don’t have a “design eye” or high-end design programs, there are plenty of resources to help you create aesthetically-pleasing social media design assets—and create them quickly.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/6/16 1:02 PM

How Event Pros Can Learn from Art Basel's Success

Started in the 1970s in Basel, Switzerland,  Art Basel now hosts premier Modern and contemporary art fairs in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong every year. The art fair has a reputation for showing high quality work and attracting leading artists, galleries, collectors and sponsorship brands from around the world—and this week they’re kicking off their four-day Miami event.

Not only has Art Basel managed to navigate the logistics of planning an event that spans several days, but the fair has also attracted 269 galleries to showcase work by over 4,000 artists at their Miami event this year. Art Basel Miami is expecting over 70,000 attendees, and brands were clamoring to land one of the fair’s sought-after sponsorship deals during the early planning stages of the event.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/30/16 12:48 PM

Are You Maximizing Your Event Data?

Event marketers today are inundated with technology and diverse platforms to aid in strategy management and execution.

While all of these different technologies are intended to make a day in the life of a marketer easier and more automated, sometimes softwares end up working in a silo. Without integration of different platforms within your tech stack, you’re more likely to miss key data about the holistic prospect or customer journey.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/28/16 2:36 PM

Around the Farm: Farmers' Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving traditionally is a day to gather with friends and family, eat turkey, watch football, and—for some—brace for an early morning spent with other shoppers eager to find the best deals of the year.

But within these mainstay traditions, we each have something unique that reminds us of our own Thanksgiving. Whether it’s the quirky family member or the delicious (or questionable) family dish, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without our own distinctive celebrations, whatever they may be. We hope you’re all gearing up to kick off the holiday season with some of your favorite traditions, and that you’ll enjoy getting to know a few of us at the Farm by reading about ours. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/21/16 2:09 PM

Event Farm Launches Email Masking

Here at  Event Farm, we’re actively enhancing our product based on direct customer feedback. It’s our job to be well-versed in the challenges that arise in the event planning workflow and lifecycle. These conversations with our customers are worthwhile for a variety of reasons, but ultimately they enable us to do what we love, which is to build a product that makes life a lot easier for you. 

One consistent pain point we’ve heard from customers is the need to maintain brand image throughout every point of the event outreach process. Meaning, emails and other outreach needs to look like it’s coming directly from their own company, not Event Farm. Read More...

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/17/16 2:14 PM

9 Takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND Conference for Event Marketers

HubSpot’s INBOUND started in 2012 as a conference of 2,500 registrants. Last week, HubSpot hosted more than 19,000 attendees from 92 countries at INBOUND—an event that has become the annual marketing and sales conference. Not only were there 16 keynote and spotlight speakers(including Alec Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Anna Kendrick, and Serena Williams), there were also countless breakout sessions during which attendees learned from the best in the business about their trade.

Event Farm marketers were among those in attendance, and we took notes for all of the event pros who might want to learn from the increasingly-popular event. Keep reading to find out what event marketers and planners can learn from HubSpot’s conference.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/14/16 5:02 PM

5 Things To Avoid When Running a Successful Roadshow

Event Farm just wrapped up our inaugural Tour d’States Roadshow event, a six-city series of educational sessions, panels and networking events that traveled across the United States to give event professionals an opportunity to network with industry peers and hear from experts about what they see for the future of the business of offline. We’re very pleased to report that the roadshow was, overall, a remarkable success! Our executives’ keynotes were forward-thinking and visionary, the panels with local experts informative and engaging, and the quality of the attendees and the conversations throughout the event top-notch and inspiring.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/10/16 1:21 PM

What's the Right ROI for Your Sales Event Spend? VPs of Sales Chime In

Forty-eight percent of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than they were two years ago, and 43% of attendees believe that the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to increase. Seventy-seven percent of B2B marketers use in-person events as part of their content marketing strategies, and 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy.

Organizations are beginning to see more evidence and receive more feedback about the effectiveness of their events, and are consequently beginning to to devote more of their budgets to hosting events. But while marketing and sales teams might intuitively understand the importance of hosting events, it is still difficult to provide data-driven proof that conclusively proves a positive return on an event’s investment.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/7/16 12:31 PM

What's the Difference Between NFC and RFID?

Even if your event marketing budget does not allow for various experiential and forward-thinking technologies, tech still likely plays a big role in your event planning, management, check-in and analytics processes.

While some in-event technologies are used for their ability to “wow” attendees as innovative engagement tools, others are more ubiquitous because they play an integral role in allowing event marketers to streamline the event-planning process and capture the ever-elusive in-event data. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/2/16 4:57 PM


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