15 Unique Event Venues in NYC

Lauren Taylor on 4/4/17 1:54 PM



No matter the size of your event, finding an ideal venue is difficult. Even in New York City, where events are frequent and venue spaces are scattered throughout the city, finding one that meets your needs in terms of budget, location, and timeline—among many other preferences—is not easy.

If you’re hosting a B2B event, this can be especially difficult. You’ll want to find a venue that’s professional without feeling like a hotel ballroom, and a venue that meets all of your logistical requirements without sacrificing personality or charm.

Having hosted a number of events in New York ourselves, we know that finding the perfect venue can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So, we’re sharing a list of our favorite NYC venues, a list of unique spaces that includes options for everything from small-scale VIP dinners to larger-scale conferences. This list is great for those in the B2B space who are trying to think outside of the box, but it’s also ideal for those hosting consumer-facing events—keep reading to learn more.

Small-scale events: VIP dinner or lunch

Whether you’re hosting a lunch and learn with a handful of prospects and clients, or you’re hosting a microevent at a large industry conference, the quality of these restaurants will impress prospects and clients, as will the fact that you’ve taken the time to find something more unique than the go-to high-end steak house. Many of these restaurants also offer private dining spaces, something you may want to look into if you're hosting a larger dinner or lunch.

47 South 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY


Charlie Bird
5 King Street
New York, NY


110 Waverly Place
New York, NY

125 West 55th Street
New York, NY


Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria
53 Great Jones Street
New York, NY


China Blue
135 Watts Street
New York, NY

Small to medium-sized events
These venue spaces are ideal for events that are smaller in scale but larger than a dinner party—like a roadshow event, for example, which typically draws around 40-60 attendees. If you’re hosting a roadshow, you’ll want a majority of your attendees to be either current customers or high-value prospects with whom you’ve already developed a relationship. If all goes well, a roadshow series can generate and accelerate pipeline, ultimately affecting your company’s bottom line. These venue spaces will help make sure your event leaves a positive impression—but doesn’t blend into every other B2B event your guests have attended.

Many of these venue options have flexible spaces that can accommodate a variety of event types and scale. For more specific information about a particular venue, click through to their website. 

74 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Canoe Studios
601 West 26th Street
New York, NY

Wythe Hotel
80 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Medium-sized to large events
The size and scope of larger events can vary greatly, especially if you're putting together an industry conference. Whether you’re an up-and-coming business and are hoping to host a one-day conference with an audience of 300 people, or you’re hosting a multi-day event with a guest list that will jump into the thousands, the following venue options provide unique solutions for events ranging from 300 to 10,000 attendees.

The list is organized based on maximum capacity, from lowest to highest, but many of the spaces are flexible—if you don't need the maximum amount of space a venue offers, in other words, you can likely rent just a portion of it in order to meet your needs. 

Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center
29 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY

Spring Studios
6 St. Johns Lane
New York, NY

Pier Sixty
23rd Street and West Side Highway
New York, NY

Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble Street
Brooklyn, NY

Citi Field
123 Roosevelt Avenue
New York, NY

Yankee Stadium
1 East 161st Street
Bronx, NY

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