3 Reasons Customer Events Will Drive Business Results

Lauren Taylor on 5/16/17 1:48 PM



Every organization is aware—maybe even to a painful extent—of the buyer’s journey. There are job functions and roles within each organization that are focused on specifically engaging with prospects who are at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel, and ironing out the details of how to best engage with prospects as they move through the buyer’s journey is an ongoing process.

Marketers are increasingly turning to events as a key touchpoint that allow them to engage with, educate and influence prospects, and they’re seeing results—an impressive 98% of consumers are more inclined to purchase after attending an event. At a certain point, however, some of those prospects will become customers. Then what?

Every organization, of course, has a customer service team, no matter how small the company may be. Having a team that is dedicated to resolving customer issues and answering questions is critical to any organization’s success. But is it enough to ensure a positive customer experience only when someone has a problem or question?

Keeping customers happy, even if they aren’t particularly unhappy, is more important than ever. Just as events can strengthen relationships with prospects, customer-focused events can do the same with your current clients—and ultimately help you build a solid base on which your company will continue to grow. Keep reading to learn our top three reasons you should integrate customer events into your marketing mix.

  1. Customer events will drive product innovation. In-person events allow you to see how your customers are interacting with your product in real time. You probably already send customer surveys to help generate product-specific feedback, and you should continue to do so—but in-person events allow you to take it a step further.

    Discussing your product with customers as they are using it can allow you to uncover ideas to innovate your product that might otherwise go unnoticed. Leverage in-event activations to allow your customers to co-create your product with you, and you’ll not only end up with a better product, but you’ll also end up with happier customers—if customers know that you’re taking their feedback and suggestions seriously, they’ll trust that you have their best interests in mind, and that you’ll work to create a product that meets their needs.

  2. It generates positive word of mouth—and helps you sell to current prospects. No matter which type of event you’re hosting, 34% of event attendees say they share posts on social media about the event and 71% share event info with their peers or family members. Not only will this create positive buzz among your customers, but it will also help convince current prospects to purchase your product.

    When asked about the most effective marketing tactics, Dan Slagen, VP of Marketing at Crayon Co., put it well: “When customers, friends, family, industry analysts, and bloggers say wonderful things about your company and convince others to buy your product, you’ve made it… The math is pretty simple; there will be a direct correlation between the number of happy customers you have and your marketing performance.”

    Events are known for creating social chatter—and if your customers are advocating for your product, they’ll likely help sway prospects into becoming customers.

  3. It gives you a competitive edge. In today’s saturated marketplace, consumers are becoming flighty. Only 13% of customers are loyalists who don’t shop around, and 78% of consumers report that they’re retracting loyalty at a faster rate today than they were three years ago. 

    In one study, however, 50% of C-suite respondents said their organization does not consistently measure of their customers’ experience—even though it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customers than it is to keep an existing one. If you’ve already done the hard work required to convert a prospect into a customer, putting in the extra effort to keep that customer happy is increasingly important. 

    In fact, customers are 5.2X more likely to repurchase from companies with a great customer experience. If you’re able to go beyond your customer’s expectations with an in-person event, you’ll give yourself an edge over competition and help drive recurring revenue for your organization.

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