4 Ways To Use Pinterest To Plan and Promote Your Event

Lauren Taylor on 6/27/16 3:49 PM



Left in the shadows of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is an often-forgotten yet powerful network that should have a space in every event planner’s social toolbox.

While other media platforms are known for their ability to promote brands, products and events online, Pinterest is an effective tool for helping event marketers with their behind-the-scenes planning and brainstorming work. A Pinner’s ability to search through relevant content and curate boards of inspiration makes the platform useful for inspiring creativity and improving organization—and it has the added benefit of increasing event and brand awareness along the way.

Whether you’re new to pinning or have your own highly-curated personal boards, check out our top tips for event marketers to harness the power of this quickly-growing social network.

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  1. Find “Pinspiration”

event-tech-pinterest-board.jpgWorking on ideas for invitations or putting the finishing touches on your event’s decor? Pinterest allows you to identify specific and relevant topics, Pinners and boards whose posts you would like to see in your feed. Regularly scanning this feed will allow you to keep up with what other event planners are doing, and might even inspire ideas for your own event. 

Event marketers should check out the following Pinners and boards to get the pinspiration started:

  1. Pin it!

Once you’ve filled your Pinterest feed with potential inspiration, you can begin organizing the posts you like by pinning them to your own profile. We suggest creating specific boards that will allow you to pin each post to an essential event-planning category (decoration, catering, venue, etc.). You might also find it helpful to upload your own photos to your boards, or to download Pinterest’s browser button, which allows you to easily pin any photo you find on the web to one of your boards.

Before long, you’ll have boards curated to your specific taste and needs, and will have an online catalog of organized and inspirational images to look through anytime you’ve reached a creative block.

  1. Connect & Collaborate

event-design-inspiration-pinterest-board.pngPinterest is a social network designed to draw people with similar interests to the same type of content—which not only makes it easy to find posts you like, but also makes it possible to identify other Pinners with similar needs and tastes. By liking, pinning and commenting on other posts, you can connect to Pinners with similar interests and build ideas off of each other. If you both follow each other for inspiration, you can even use Pinterest’s private messaging feature to start a more in-depth collaboration.

  1. Promote Your Event & Brand

In the same way that Pinterest can help you connect and collaborate with other event planners, it can also provide you with a targeted audience that is likely to be interested in your event and brand. Use your Pinterest page to not only gather inspiration for yourself, but to also post photos and content related to your events and organization that may serve as engaging or “pinnable” content for others. As with other social media sites, posting high-quality content on Pinterest can help you generate earned media attention and increase your brand’s awareness. Try to keep this in mind even when you are building boards for your own inspiration—Pinterest is a network build around the aesthetically pleasing, and the more polished your profile and boards look, the more Pinterest attention your brand will get.


Event pros, how are you using Pinterest as part of your event marketing strategy? Sound off in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter @eventfarm – and take a look at what we have going on on our own Pinterest profile by clicking here.


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