'WCW' Event Series: Wellness and Business Advice That'll Make You More Productive

If you’re a marketer who has at least peripheral interest in wellness (who doesn’t these days?), I invite you to consider the following hypothesis:

Marketing and wellness might not share much in terms of subject matter, but most of the content that covers marketing and wellness shares an unfortunate trend:

It’s crappy clickbait that offers a supposed path to getting more out of doing less.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/30/18 9:14 AM

The Power of Event Marketing Automation: Lessons From Our Event Series

When we first kicked off the planning process for our Women Crushing It Wednesday series, I wrote a blog post about why every marketing team should consider hosting an event series . I also said the hardest part of hosting an event is the first step: Setting the date and making the commitment to follow through with it.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/14/17 3:30 PM

Creating Content for Your Marketing Event: How to Recruit and Work With a Stellar Group of Panelists

Once we settled on the idea for our event series, Women Crushing it Wednesday, we couldn’t wait to start advertising. But we knew that in order to attract attention from the community and get the right attendees through the door, we needed to partner with some stellar panelists. As with all of our other marketing initiatives, great event content would be essential.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/14/17 4:05 PM

'WCW' Event Series: Our Favorite Insights from the First Event

Last night we officially kicked off our Women Crushing It Wednesday event series, and we’re so excited by the response and for the upcoming events in the series (stay tuned!).


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/9/17 5:04 PM

How We Set Event Goals To Generate Quality Leads, Build Brand Awareness, and Drive Revenue

We announced in a previous blog post that the marketing team at Event Farm is kicking off an event series! We’re using our own event tech every step of the way and documenting the entire experience. This is your front-row seat to our planning process and inside look into how we’re thinking about the strategy and details.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 10/30/17 4:50 PM

What Can The Museum of Ice Cream Teach Marketers About Experiential?

The Museum of Ice Cream is not a museum. And despite its gift shop—which sells everything from pink journals to $149 "self-love pinky rings"—it's not a store. It's also not a confectionery, even though ice cream, cotton candy, and other treats are available to visitors as they wander through the exhibits.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/24/17 5:02 PM

Every Marketing Team Should Host an Event Series—Here's How We're Planning Ours

The Event Farm marketing team is getting ready to host an event series. As our CRO, Chad, likes to say, it's an exercise in eating our own dog food. The marketing team prefers to think we're sipping our own champagne.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/18/17 10:46 AM

Marketing Is Broken. We Want to Fix It.

Digital marketing has drawn marketers into a cycle where we increasingly focus on quantity over quality.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/3/17 11:49 AM

Events: How Brands Can Win in the Experience Economy

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re living in the experience economy. More than ever before, it’s about how your brand interacts with your buyer. Today's buyer craves to be intrinsically understood on a personal level and presented with solutions that seamlessly align with who they are.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 9/28/17 10:25 AM

Building a Data-Driven Event Marketing Strategy? Start Here.

Technology is shaping the way we do business, and smart tech relies on good data—the more the better. As I outlined in the first post of this series, event marketers need to ensure that they have processes in place that will make them smarter today and simultaneously set them up for success in the future. The best way to do that is to collect data.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/20/17 11:19 AM

How to Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Millennials (Hint: You're Overthinking It)

Marketers seem puzzled by how to effectively market to millennials—or, at the very least, people are telling them they should be confused.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/12/17 4:22 PM

Enough Clickbait: Here's Why Event Marketers Need Data

People care about experiences, maybe now more than ever. We live, after all, in what's been dubbed the "experience economy." We've all seen the statistics about millennials' willingness to spend more money on experiences than tangible products, and there's a reason I can talk about FOMO without having to tell you what the acronym stands for. Businesses and organizations that once existed exclusively online—retail stores like Warby Parker and media sites like Mashable—have created real-life experiences by either opening brick-and-mortar stores or by fully embracing events and experiential as part of their business strategy.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/5/17 1:53 PM

How to Use Experiential Marketing to Make CES Worth Your Time and Money

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a launchpad of tech innovation, and it’s hosted annually in Vegas in early January. To make the most of CES as a marketing and sales opportunity, however, you should start planning for the event now—and we’re going to give you some actionable items to jumpstart your planning process.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/14/17 10:36 AM

Event Farm Launches New and Improved Check-In App

We’re excited to announce that Event Farm’s updated and optimized mobile check-in application is now available in the Apple App Store.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 8/1/17 12:42 PM

How to Build an Event Marketing Channel—And Why Marketers Need Events

As a marketer, if you’re asked to develop an email marketing campaign to help your company achieve a specific goal (more leads, MQLs, and/or pipeline, for example) and show how that campaign performed, you’d probably feel comfortable doing so. That’s what marketers do, after all, and you’d likely have plenty of data and tools you could leverage to help you develop a strategic campaign.

Imagine, on the other hand, that you’re asked to do the same for an event. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 7/25/17 6:16 PM

3 Actionable Ways Events Can Influence Your Marketing Strategy

This is a guest post by Amelia Ibarra, Demand Generation and Customer Marketing Manager at BrightFunnel

Earlier this year, MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute published their 2017 B2B Content Marketing report that said 68% of B2B Marketers will use event marketing as a tactic this year. Not only that, but B2B marketers are also likely to use more than 8 different types of content marketing tactics alone, which got us thinking—how can events play a part in impacting your broader marketing strategies?


  Written by Guest Post on 7/5/17 4:17 PM

What NOT to Do When Hosting a Field Marketing Event

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Melissa Talbot. 

If you’re not hosting field events as part of your marketing strategy, you should. When done right, events are the perfect way to engage your prospects and customers. After spending the early part of my career on the event planning side of the house, I know what it takes to host a great event that can accelerate pipeline and drive revenue—and I also know what to avoid at all costs. I’m going to use an event I recently attended as an example of what NOT to do when hosting field marketing events; keep reading to learn more about the mistakes you should undoubtedly avoid.


  Written by Guest Post on 6/26/17 1:51 PM

Using Event Tech to Collect Actionable Data & Engage Prospects

You should consider your organization's database as something that’s living and breathing. As prospects move through the various stages of the buyer’s journey, their contact information changes, and your sales reps (hopefully) learn more about them and their pain points. Your email exchanges and phone calls are all recorded in your CRM, and you can see which new pieces of content different prospects have engaged with. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/21/17 4:43 PM

Q+A with INBOUND's Sponsorship Manager, Doug Stone

As an event that has seen explosive growth since it started five years ago, HubSpot's INBOUND is one of the biggest marketing and sales industry events. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest brands—including LinkedIn and Dunkin' Donuts—tap into INBOUND's reach by sponsoring the event.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/19/17 10:26 AM

Farmer's Roundup: 10 Best Ideas from Event Farm Content

Keeping up with event marketing trends is difficult—but we've been lucky enough to work with some of the best in the industry to keep our content fresh and informative. We realize, however, that event marketers are busy, so we've compiled 10 of the best ideas from our content to share with you in the most efficient way possible.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/14/17 4:32 PM

Q+A with INBOUND's Senior PR Manager, Laura Moran

HubSpot’s INBOUND doesn’t need much of an introduction. As an industry-leading event for marketing and sales professionals, it has experienced explosive growth since it started five years ago as a 3-day event that drew around 2,500 attendees. Last year’s INBOUND drew over 19,000 attendees from 92 countries—and this year’s event has already secured some impressive headlines, most notably with the announcement that Michelle Obama will appear as a keynote speaker.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/12/17 4:35 PM

What Does Apple's WWDC Announcement Mean for Events?

Hiding behind Apple’s HomePod introduction at WWDC 2017 was an announcement that will transform the way technology is used during events: iOS 11 will include NFC support.

NFC-enabled technology allows event professionals to create a wide range of customized experiential activations—everything from streamlining event logistics to creating show-stopping tech. Until now, developers have had to rely on either Android devices or NFC-enabled wearables (or likely both) to create an NFC event activation.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/7/17 2:45 PM

4 Reasons to Use Experiential and Interactive Marketing

From the rise of inbound marketing to the advent of account-based tactics, organizations are trying to find a balance between the wide reach of online marketing and the personalized strategies that more successfully convert prospects to customers.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/5/17 4:38 PM

Using Event Tech to Create Impactful and Engaging Attendee Experiences

This is a guest post by Courtney Spero, a Marketing Communication Specialist at Creative Group.

The role of technology in meetings and events has moved beyond its initial purpose of simply providing convenience. While convenience is important, there’s more room now to get creative with tech offerings that will leave lasting impressions and engage audiences. As long as your meeting and event tech is approachable and intuitive, you’ll be able to excite any audience, no matter their technical know-how.


  Written by Guest Post on 5/24/17 4:33 PM

3 Steps to Build Your Event Content Team

This is a guest post by Denayja Reese, a multi-city Event Production and Experiential Marketing Consultant who has worked with companies like Toyota, Airbnb, Spotify, and more.

In case you haven’t heard, content is king. It is also queen, judge, jury and sometimes executioner. While the offline interactions and real-life connections that event producers are responsible for creating are the most important part of what we do, digital content is quickly becoming a high priority. It’s okay if you’re the best event producer in the world but are clueless when it comes to content—it can take even the best production team years to get the hang of content creation before, during and after events. If you want some quick tips, though, keep reading to learn three important steps for building a great content team for your next event.


  Written by Guest Post on 5/17/17 7:09 PM

3 Reasons Customer Events Will Drive Business Results

Every organization is aware—maybe even to a painful extent—of the buyer’s journey. There are job functions and roles within each organization that are focused on specifically engaging with prospects who are at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel, and ironing out the details of how to best engage with prospects as they move through the buyer’s journey is an ongoing process.

Marketers are increasingly turning to events as a key touchpoint that allow them to engage with, educate and influence prospects, and they’re seeing results—an impressive 98% of consumers are more inclined to purchase after attending an event. At a certain point, however, some of those prospects will become customers. Then what?


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 5/16/17 1:48 PM

Thinking Outside the Box: How FreemanXP Creates Immersive Brand Experiences

FreemanXP is an experiential marketing agency that helps brands create personalized, innovative and immersive experiences. Event Magazine named the company the 10th-best brand experience agency, and their big-name clients—like Visa, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google—speak to that accolade.

Last year Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, interviewed FreemanXP's VP of Special Events, Richard Toscano, as part of our Future of Event Marketing online series. They discussed everything from the specifics of catering with comfort food to the broad, overarching strategy of creating on-brand and immersive experiences for attendees. We've included highlights from their conversation below—to access the entire interview (and 11 other recordings with industry experts), register for our Future of Event Marketing series here.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 5/9/17 8:34 AM

Account-Based Everything Tips to Crush Your Next Event

This is a guest post by Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio, the account-based everything platform. 

Events tend to make up a large portion of marketing spend—after all, they’re a quick and efficient way to get facetime with a large audience in a short period of time. What’s more, in the eyes of traditional demand gen, it was easy to measure. Booth scans and business cards generally indicated success or failure.  


  Written by Guest Post on 5/2/17 7:44 PM

Event Farm Partners with Snapchat: Geofilters Add a New Layer of Attendee Data

At Event Farm, we pride ourselves on continually bringing innovation to the event marketing industry. Today we’re excited to announce that Event Farm has been selected as a partner by Snapchat to help streamline the purchasing of geofilters for event marketers.

The combination of Event Farm’s event marketing technology with Snapchat’s social sharing capabilities and analytics will enable companies to uncover deeper guest insight—and increase brand reach, especially with younger audiences. Read More...

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 4/28/17 10:44 AM

15 Unique Event Venues in Miami

If you're hosting a business event in Miami, your attendees will undoubtedly be tempted to skip the business meeting and head straight to the beach. If you want to appeal to your attendees, you'll need to find a way to incorporate a little bit of the South Beach vibe into your event—and the best way to do that will be with your venue

Finding a venue that meets your needs in terms of budget, location, and timeline—not to mention atmosphere and ambience—is not easy. If you're hosting a B2B event, it can be especially difficult to find a venue that's professional without being bland, and one that meets all of your logisitcal requirements but still lets you think outside of the box.  


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 4/24/17 4:05 PM

Enrich the Event Experience: Engage Attendees with Content

This is a guest post by Jermaine Reyes, Content Marketing Manager at Uberflip

As a marketer, I’ve always approached events as an inevitability. There’s no way around them. The planning, management and execution of events is a core competency that every marketer needs to have in their toolbelt. But, admittedly, the process of planning and hosting an event is not my favorite because events feel risky. There’s little room for mistakes. And if you do make a mistake, your event’s guests and participants will notice. Beyond noticing, they’ll remember.


  Written by Guest Post on 4/20/17 11:19 AM

How to Design Email Invitations that Will Drive Event Registration

 From generating leads to driving revenue, the goal of your marketing event will depend on the type of event you’re hosting and your organization’s overall marketing strategy. No two events are the same, but all events share at least one goal: to get as many invitees as possible to attend.

While event marketers and planners understandably spend a lot of time thinking through the details of the in-event experience, it’s also important to carefully plan the details of the pre-event touchpoints—including the event’s email invitation.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 4/18/17 10:05 AM

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Conference Sponsorships

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy.  

Conference sponsorships may seem expensive, but with the right preparation, they can drive business results and impact your company’s bottom line. Attending and sponsoring industry conferences allow you to engage with current customers and prospective clients in-person—without having to put any time or effort into planning the event yourself.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 4/11/17 9:23 AM

Best Practices for Sales-Led Events

Marketing and sales alignment is important for the overall function of any organization, and it’s especially important if you’re hosting a revenue-driven event. Successful events have the potential to seriously impact your organization's bottom line—so it only makes sense that both marketing and sales teams should be involved in its planning.

Marketing events come in many shapes and sizes, however, and the goal of different events will help determine the extent to which both the marketing and sales teams should be involved in its organization. If you’re hosting an industry conference and are interested in growing your company’s thought leadership, for example, your marketing team should be tasked with planning a majority of this event. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 4/6/17 1:56 PM

15 Unique Event Venues in NYC

No matter the size of your event, finding an ideal venue is difficult. Even in New York City, where events are frequent and venue spaces are scattered throughout the city, finding one that meets your needs in terms of budget, location, and timeline—among many other preferences—is not easy.

If you’re hosting a B2B event, this can be especially difficult. You’ll want to find a venue that’s professional without feeling like a hotel ballroom, and a venue that meets all of your logistical requirements without sacrificing personality or charm.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 4/4/17 1:54 PM

How to Plan the Right Content for Your Event

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy. 

Planning an event is complicated. From finding a venue and caterer to inviting and engaging with potential attendees, a lot of moving parts need to come together if you're going to host a successful event—and thinking through every detail and logistic is necessary and important.

One of the most important elements of any B2B event, however, is its content. While "event content" is often used to refer to the content that is used to promote events and provide post-event recaps, the type of content this article discusses is the content that is presented at your events. Whether it's educational thought leadership, an executive panel, or a well-known guest speaker, your in-event content is going to be a big driver of attendance and value for your attendees.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/30/17 12:38 PM

How Mashable Develops Award-Winning Events & Experiential Campaigns

SXSW recently wrapped up its 10 days of festival and conference after taking over the city of Austin with upwards of 70,000 attendees, 1,200 keynotes and talks, and an overwhelming number of experiential campaigns. At South by, attendees expect to be wowed, and brands push the limits of their creativity in order to deliver.

For the last six years, Mashable's "Mashable House" has stood out among the crowd at SXSW Interactive. This year was no exception, and we've got some insider info about how Mashable pulls off their experiential activations—our CMO, Alexandra Gibson, recently interviewed Natasha Mulla, the VP of Experiential Marketing at Mashable, as part of our Future of Event Marketing series.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/28/17 12:22 PM

6 Characteristics of a Revenue-Generating Event

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy. 

Why does your company host events? Your event strategy, like all other marketing activities, should ultimately be designed to build pipeline and drive revenue. As marketing and sales teams morph into revenue teams with shared goals, marketing has started to start thinking more like sales by tracking success in pipeline and opportunities instead of just lead generation and awareness.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/23/17 10:46 AM

Update from the Farm: Introducing OfflineInsights™

Events introduce new leads to your company, provide opportunities to close business, and help tailor conversations with your prospects and customers.  Simply put, events are a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy. 

But the effort it takes to plan events can be high, and the costs can be even higher. For that kind of investment, just like all your other marketing channels, you need to be able to prove that your time and money are well spent.  

Is your company able to measure the business impact of event spend... right now?

With OfflineInsights by Event Farm, now you can. 

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 3/20/17 7:00 AM

The Goal of Your Event Should Not be Lead Generation: Here's Why

Just as your marketing team leverages different types of content in order to achieve different goals—writing blog posts to grow top-of-funnel leads, for example, and creating case studies to help convert middle-of-the-funnel prospects—you can similarly use different types of events to reach different objectives.

But events typically require more time, money and resources than other marketing channels, and you want to make sure you're extracting the most value from each event you host. While there may be some cases where you can and should host events with the specific goal of fueling top-of-funnel growth, this likely is not the best objective to set for most of the events you're hosting—keep reading to learn why. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/14/17 12:14 PM

SXSW Events: Insights for Event and Marketing Pros

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a combination of festivals, conferences and exhibitions that celebrate the intersection of the interactive, film and music industries. The event is hosted annually in Austin, Texas, and typically spans 10 days—this year, the event will kick off on March 10 and last until the 19th.

Last year, SXSW attracted over 72,000 attendees, and the group of A-list speakers included Barack and Michelle Obama , Pat Benatar, and T-Pain. The event fosters "creative and professional growth," and calls itself "an essential destination for global professionals." With the opportunity to attend a variety of screenings, speaking sessions, exhibitions and networking opportunities, professionals spanning multiple industries are often in attendance—and companies and organizations across the world take the opportunity to market to them. 

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/9/17 11:24 AM

10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part Three: After Your Event

This is the third post in a three-part blog series with tips for engaging with attendees before, during and after events. If you missed the first or second posts, which were about engaging with attendees before and during events, you can check them out here and here. Otherwise, keep reading for 10 tips to engage with attendees once your event has ended.

1. Send a general “thank you” email. Within 24 hours of your event ending, you should send an email to all attendees and simply thank them for attending. This email does not need to be lengthy or include any sort of sales pitch—just show your attendees that you’re appreciative of their attendance, because without them your event would not be possible. If you want to incorporate something fun, include a link to a Facebook album of photos from your event.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/6/17 2:13 PM

10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part Two: During Your Event

This is the second part of a three-part blog series with tips for engaging attendees before, during and after events. If you missed the first post with 10 tips for engaging attendees before events, you can read it here. Otherwise, keep reading to check out our list of tips for in-event engagement. 

1. Use a social wall. Projecting a live-stream of your event’s hashtag on large screens throughout your venue will encourage attendees to share more. This will not only keep them engaged with your event’s content, but will also extend the reach of your event far beyond your in-person audience.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 3/1/17 3:06 PM

10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part One: Before Your Event

New (and old) technology is making it easier to engage with attendees before, during and after events. This gives you more opportunities to build buzz around your event, provide attendees with valuable content, and keep the conversation going long after your event has ended. But there are so many marketing channels and tactics you can use throughout the attendee journey that putting together an engagement plan can be overwhelming.

But we’ve talked to a lot of event pros, and we’ve hosted a lot of events ourselves—so we’ve put together a three-part series of blog posts to give you tips on how to engage attendees before, during and after events. For the first post in this series, we’re focusing on pre-event engagement—so keep reading to learn how to get attendees excited and engaged before they even show up to your venue. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 2/27/17 6:05 PM

Which Type of Event Should You Host?

Events are consistently cited as one of the most successful marketing channels, but they also take up a significant portion of a marketing team's budget. If you're going to host an event, you want to make sure you do it right—which means you need to host the right kind of event to help meet your business objectives. Not sure which type of event is best for you? Use our flow chart to find out. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 2/23/17 10:44 AM

How Your Sales Team Can Make the Most of Marketing Events

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Pia Heilmann. 

The discussion around events usually revolves around the marketing team. It makes sense—marketing typically plans events, and the events come out of marketing's budget. But when the ultimate goal of a marketing event is to create and accelerate sales pipeline, it’s important to look at events form a sales perspective as well. The more involved a sales team becomes in planning an event, the greater the ROI typically becomes.

So what’s the issue? The problem is that many sales teams don’t have a good process for handling events—keep reading to learn our best advice for how to go about changing this. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 2/15/17 11:33 AM

Using Experiential Marketing to Rethink Branding

With the advent and ubiquity of social networks, search engines, and smartphones, the past decade has seen a major shift in marketing strategy. A marketer’s job is no longer to shout a message about a product at consumers, but to cater to consumers and provide them with any information they may need. In other words, a marketer’s focus used to be the product, and now it’s the consumer.

A successful marketing strategy has always included building a recognizable and reliable brand. Before the age of the Internet, this typically required organizations to come up with catchy, memorable names and slogans, and to attach well-designed logos to their marketing materials. But consumers today are inundated with 140-character messages and professional photos and images—so how do marketers ensure that their organizations stand out? Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 2/13/17 4:53 PM

Make the Most of Industry Conferences: Host Microevents

Even in today’s world dominated by social media and online interaction, many organizations still recognize the benefits of attending in-person industry conferences and tradeshows. Last year, HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference alone attracted over 19,000 attendees from around the world.

These conferences have obvious benefits. They allow attendees to listen to, talk to, and learn from industry experts and peers, and they offer a productive break from the day-to-day grind, often reinvigorating and reenergizing attendees about their work. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 2/8/17 11:00 AM

Farmer of the Year: Melissa Spitz of DigitasLBi

Event professionals are notorious for their incredibly hectic and often stressful schedules. When they’re not sourcing venues, finding sponsors, sending invitations, accommodating dietary restrictions (there are a lot!), or hiring entertainment, they’re probably busy working out the logistical details of an event to ensure that everything runs smoothly—or spending time worrying that it won’t.

But ultimately, event pros jump through these hoops to get back to something basic: humans. Our Farmer of the Year, Melissa Spitz of DigitasLBi, understands the impact she can have doing just that.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/30/17 10:30 AM

3 Possible Problems with Your Event Marketing Metrics

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy. 

In today’s data-driven marketing world, wouldn’t it seem crazy to devote the largest portion of your marketing budget to the channel that you're most poorly measuring? As strange as it is, that's what is often happening with events. While event marketing campaigns continue to dominate marketing budgets, event success and ROI are still measured poorly, if at all. The problem isn't with events, but the metrics we use to determine event success.

Here are three of the biggest problems with event metrics and how to fix them:


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/25/17 2:14 PM

Using Events and Customer Co-Creation to Drive Product Innovation

Designing in-event activations that allow consumers to create experiences with a brand helps to increase consumer engagement, drive loyalty, and build trust. But what if you used events as a way to let consumers do more than just co-create a branded experience with you?

In-person events are also a great opportunity to glean consumer feedback and insights about your product. Of course, you can (and should) continue to email surveys to your customers and conduct product marketing calls to identify their pain points. But an in-person event might be the only time you get to see your customers or prospects interacting with your product—so use it to your advantage. In-event activations don’t have to simply focus on allowing consumers to co-create an experience with you; they should also encourage them to co-create your product with you.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/23/17 2:05 PM

The Secret to Building Customer Loyalty with Experiential Marketing: Co-Creation

Today’s world is oversaturated with digital marketing campaigns. In increasing numbers, marketers are discovering a better way to grab ahold of and keep the attention of consumers: experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing helps brands tap into the emotions, feelings, and attachments that drive consumers. Attending a branded event allows consumers to experience what a brand stands for, and 74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after attending an experiential marketing event. In short: experiential marketing helps establish trust, nurture brand loyalty, and build new relationships.

But what if your experiential campaigns could be even better? Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/18/17 3:50 PM

4 Ways to Leverage Customer Advocacy at Events

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy.

How can you make the most effective marketing tactic more effective? In-person events are already hugely successful for B2B marketers, but they have the potential to become even better. One of the biggest missed opportunities in the world of B2B events is not taking full advantage of field events as a platform for generating customer advocacy. In-person events aren’t just for closing deals and building thought leadership—they also present an opportunity to recruit new advocates, engage existing advocates, and leverage advocacy to drive revenue.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/17/17 12:13 PM

The Most Important Thing to Remember in Event Marketing: Your Event's Promotion

There are a lot of blog posts and other resources with tips, suggestions and information for how to create the best in-event experiences to engage with and influence attendees. Creating a great in-event experience is, of course, important—but what about the process of promoting your event and getting those attendees there in the first place? 

If you really want to set your event up for success, you must promote your event and persuade people to register. You should also focus on letting your broader network know that the event is taking place, even if you know that not everyone will attend. That way, you'll not only be able to attract high-quality attendees, but you'll also be able to use social platforms to amplify your event’s content and your brand’s name to those who aren't even in attendance.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/11/17 5:00 PM

4 Questions Marketing Ops Need to Answer After Any Event

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber

Imagine this situation (or simply think back, since you’ve likely experienced something similar): yesterday your team hosted a field marketing event, and only some of your marketing managers and sales reps were on-site. Time is of the essence to coordinate follow-up, and the rest of the team wants to know how the event went. What questions should marketing ops be able to quickly answer, and what should be included in the quantitative event summary for the sales and marketing teams?


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/9/17 11:38 AM

4 Event Metrics You Should be Tracking

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Courtenay Allen

Measuring an event’s success is not as simple as measuring the performance of your latest Facebook ad. The word “metrics” has been tossed around everywhere, but it’s not just a buzzword—it’s a necessity. Whether you’re hosting a small-scale dinner to help close sales opportunities or hosting a larger conference, keep reading to learn about four metrics that will help you determine the success of your event. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/5/17 3:29 PM

How to Track Event Influence with Salesforce Reports

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber

Salesforce can be extremely useful in helping you create a more data-driven approach for your event marketing strategy, but it can be challenging to track how events influence pipeline and revenue if you don't have the right Salesforce reports. With Salesforce, it's easiest to report on the “Primary Campaign Source” for an opportunity, but there are many reasons why that might not tell the full story. Looking at campaign influence (instead of just primary source) is a great way to look at the bigger picture and understand how your event strategy affects your pipeline.

To track opportunities that were influenced by events, the Salesforce report type, “Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities” works best. The information from these reports allows you to see high-level trends, as well as more granular details of event influence on pipeline and revenue. There are a number of ways you can slice and dice this information, so we'll look at four different Salesforce reports as examples.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 1/3/17 12:14 PM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Greg Kantziper and Gevik Valijani

Earlier this week we introduced Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff, but we have even more recent additions to the Farm we'd like to introduce today: Greg Kantziper and Gevik Valijani. 

Greg, a Sales Development Representative, is based out of our DC office, while Gevik, an Android Developer, is based in our sunny Santa Monica headquarters. Greg and Gevik have been at the Farm for less than a month, but—as seems to be a trend among new Farmers— have already made an impact. Keep reading to learn more about what drove them to the Farm and what excites them about the future of the event marketing industry. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/29/16 10:08 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff

There have been a lot of exciting changes at the Farm recently, and we'd like to introduce two of the newest additions to our DC office: Ryan Speaker, Customer Support Specialist, and Steph Shuff, Sales Development Representative. 

Ryan and Steph have been at the Farm for about a month, and they've already proven themselves to be valuable members of the team. Not only have they quickly and effectively adapted to their roles in the Sales and Customer Success teams, they've also added new, exciting energy to the office. Between Ryan's deadpan jokes and Steph's go-getter attitude (not to mention her dog, Cricket!), we're happy to welcome them to Event Farm and to introduce both of them to you! Keep reading to learn more about what drove them to the Farm and what excites them about the future of the event marketing industry.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/27/16 9:52 AM

4 Ways In-Person Events Cut Through the Marketing Noise

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy.  

The world of online marketing becomes more crowded every day. With the vast majority of marketing taking place online for every type of business, the average person is being marketed to via email, ads, direct messages, and other online channels—and it all starts to become noise. For B2B marketers, the deluge of online marketing messages bombarding the average person on a daily basis reduces the impact of even our best marketing campaigns. One of the biggest advantages of hosting a live event is the ability to cut through this online noise to successfully reach your audience.

Marketers are starting to realize the importance of in-person the events as much more than just a way to generate leads and boost brand awareness. Sanjay Dholakia, CMO at Marketo, was recently asked what he thinks is driving this rise in the relevance of marketing events today. “There’s so much information online today that you can’t blast your way through it anymore,” he said. “In this crazy digital, mobile, social world, we now have infinite channels, so there’s much more noise. It’s hard to get the signal through.” It's clear that events are an effective way to "get the signal through" and reach your target audience.  Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/21/16 1:41 PM

Event Farm's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we at Event Farm are excited about the coming year and the opportunity to continue helping you—the event and marketing pros—drive business results through offline, in-person experiences.

But part of looking forward to 2017 includes looking back over the past year to see which content our audience engaged with the most—an indication of what event marketers might continue looking for in the future. The result? Event and marketing pros were most concerned with creating the best attendee experience from start to finish—from the time attendees received their invitation to the moment they walked through the venue’s doors—and, importantly, with finding ways to track and measure the success of any given event. Keep reading to peruse the list of our top 10 blog posts of 2016 and to learn more about what might drive the event marketing industry in the coming year.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/19/16 2:13 PM

How to Use Salesforce Campaigns for Events

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber

Campaigns are a great tool to track events in Salesforce. They are designed to organize and analyze contacts involved with a certain marketing program. Campaigns help you to calculate the ROI of your program by allowing you to track the cost, pipeline, and closed deals associated with it. The broad applicability and flexibility of campaigns allow them to be used for all marketing programs while helping you determine the performance of your events.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/14/16 1:27 PM

How to Build an Event SLA for Marketing and Sales

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber. 

It's no secret that marketing and sales don’t have the best track record when it comes to agreeing on things, but alignment between the two teams is critical for event success. In-person events require a lot of effort from both teams, and an effective way to outline agreed-upon goals and expectations between sales and marketing is by drafting a Service-level Agreements (SLAs). 

SLAs between marketing and sales primarily focus on the process of passing marketing-generated leads over to the sales team for follow up. Marketing is responsible for sourcing leads that meet a certain criteria, while sales is expected to properly follow up with those leads. Because events are one of the more complicated and involved marketing tactics, it's a good idea to create specific SLAs for each event you host. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/12/16 2:40 PM

Discover the New Event Farm Product Suite

The Farm is growing!

There have been a lot of exciting changes at Event Farm recently, but the bottom line is that our product suite is expanding. Based on industry research and many conversations with our customers, we have been focused on creating and providing software solutions that are of utmost relevance and value when it comes to your immediate event marketing and management goals.

With that in mind, our industry-leading Customer Success managers will be hosting a live webinar on Thursday, December 15th, to step through our two core platforms, Event Farm and Attend by Event Farm. During the webinar, we’ll give live demonstrations of each product's strengths,  showing the undeniably positive results that come from using the platforms in conjunction. 

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 12/8/16 11:10 AM

Marketing Your Event on Social Media: 6 Design Tips for Non-Designers

At Event Farm we’re constantly in contact with event marketers, and we understand that event pros are busier than the average busy person. Between securing venues, finding speakers, hiring a caterer, and making sure every last detail is in place, event pros also have to find time to get the word out about their event.

Even if you have graphic designers creating a registration page and beautiful invites for your event, they might not have the time to create design assets to help market your event to a wider audience on social media.

But social media platforms are valuable tools for marketers, and you don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to attract your social followers to your event. Even if you don’t have a “design eye” or high-end design programs, there are plenty of resources to help you create aesthetically-pleasing social media design assets—and create them quickly.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 12/6/16 1:02 PM

How Event Pros Can Learn from Art Basel's Success

Started in the 1970s in Basel, Switzerland,  Art Basel now hosts premier Modern and contemporary art fairs in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong every year. The art fair has a reputation for showing high quality work and attracting leading artists, galleries, collectors and sponsorship brands from around the world—and this week they’re kicking off their four-day Miami event.

Not only has Art Basel managed to navigate the logistics of planning an event that spans several days, but the fair has also attracted 269 galleries to showcase work by over 4,000 artists at their Miami event this year. Art Basel Miami is expecting over 70,000 attendees, and brands were clamoring to land one of the fair’s sought-after sponsorship deals during the early planning stages of the event.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/30/16 12:48 PM

Are You Maximizing Your Event Data?

Event marketers today are inundated with technology and diverse platforms to aid in strategy management and execution.

While all of these different technologies are intended to make a day in the life of a marketer easier and more automated, sometimes softwares end up working in a silo. Without integration of different platforms within your tech stack, you’re more likely to miss key data about the holistic prospect or customer journey.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/28/16 2:36 PM

Around the Farm: Farmers' Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving traditionally is a day to gather with friends and family, eat turkey, watch football, and—for some—brace for an early morning spent with other shoppers eager to find the best deals of the year.

But within these mainstay traditions, we each have something unique that reminds us of our own Thanksgiving. Whether it’s the quirky family member or the delicious (or questionable) family dish, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without our own distinctive celebrations, whatever they may be. We hope you’re all gearing up to kick off the holiday season with some of your favorite traditions, and that you’ll enjoy getting to know a few of us at the Farm by reading about ours. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/21/16 2:09 PM

Event Farm Launches Email Masking

Here at  Event Farm, we’re actively enhancing our product based on direct customer feedback. It’s our job to be well-versed in the challenges that arise in the event planning workflow and lifecycle. These conversations with our customers are worthwhile for a variety of reasons, but ultimately they enable us to do what we love, which is to build a product that makes life a lot easier for you. 

One consistent pain point we’ve heard from customers is the need to maintain brand image throughout every point of the event outreach process. Meaning, emails and other outreach needs to look like it’s coming directly from their own company, not Event Farm. Read More...

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/17/16 2:14 PM

9 Takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND Conference for Event Marketers

HubSpot’s INBOUND started in 2012 as a conference of 2,500 registrants. Last week, HubSpot hosted more than 19,000 attendees from 92 countries at INBOUND—an event that has become the annual marketing and sales conference. Not only were there 16 keynote and spotlight speakers(including Alec Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Anna Kendrick, and Serena Williams), there were also countless breakout sessions during which attendees learned from the best in the business about their trade.

Event Farm marketers were among those in attendance, and we took notes for all of the event pros who might want to learn from the increasingly-popular event. Keep reading to find out what event marketers and planners can learn from HubSpot’s conference.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/14/16 5:02 PM

5 Things To Avoid When Running a Successful Roadshow

Event Farm just wrapped up our inaugural Tour d’States Roadshow event, a six-city series of educational sessions, panels and networking events that traveled across the United States to give event professionals an opportunity to network with industry peers and hear from experts about what they see for the future of the business of offline. We’re very pleased to report that the roadshow was, overall, a remarkable success! Our executives’ keynotes were forward-thinking and visionary, the panels with local experts informative and engaging, and the quality of the attendees and the conversations throughout the event top-notch and inspiring.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/10/16 1:21 PM

What's the Right ROI for Your Sales Event Spend? VPs of Sales Chime In

Forty-eight percent of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than they were two years ago, and 43% of attendees believe that the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to increase. Seventy-seven percent of B2B marketers use in-person events as part of their content marketing strategies, and 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy.

Organizations are beginning to see more evidence and receive more feedback about the effectiveness of their events, and are consequently beginning to to devote more of their budgets to hosting events. But while marketing and sales teams might intuitively understand the importance of hosting events, it is still difficult to provide data-driven proof that conclusively proves a positive return on an event’s investment.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/7/16 12:31 PM

What's the Difference Between NFC and RFID?

Even if your event marketing budget does not allow for various experiential and forward-thinking technologies, tech still likely plays a big role in your event planning, management, check-in and analytics processes.

While some in-event technologies are used for their ability to “wow” attendees as innovative engagement tools, others are more ubiquitous because they play an integral role in allowing event marketers to streamline the event-planning process and capture the ever-elusive in-event data. Read More...

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 11/2/16 4:57 PM

How to Use Event Farm and EventBrite Together

Now more than ever, event marketers are faced with the task of managing consistently innovative, diverse events. Those in the events industry need to get increasingly creative in order to reach broad audiences and effectively get the right people through the door.  

Because of this, event planners often leverage the power of event marketing and management software to aid in logistical planning and help make the event end product the very best it can be.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 11/1/16 3:55 PM

11 Tips to Secure Conference Sponsors

When we launched our first industry conference in 2016 -- OFFLINE Summit -- we learned quite a bit about what conference and meeting planners go through in all realms. Most importantly, from a financial perspective, securing a full roster of sponsors requires a tremendous amount of preparation and foresight. As we look towards gaining sponsors for OFFLINE Summit 2017, we put together these 11 tips that encompass some things we did well last year and also things we failed to do. As our mother’s say, “do as I say, not as I do.”


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 10/27/16 3:28 PM

Event and Trade Show Etiquette: 5 Tips for Success

This is a guest post by Reno Macri, the Director of Enigma Visual Solutions, a UK-based exhibition and event company that specializes in experiential marketing, event design and production, bespoke exhibition stands, and more. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter

From the design of the stand or venue, to the products or services on display, there are many factors that contribute to event and trade show marketing success. As a result, during the planning stages, many businesses place a strong focus on setting objectives, deciding on event branding, establishing a budget and finding suitable partners.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/25/16 12:34 PM

5 Ways to Set Your Event Speaker Up for Success

Finding the right speaker for your event can be difficult. Once you determine the best place to start looking for a speaker, you then have to sift through a list of potential options and determine who would best serve your event’s objective. But once you find someone whose content would be valuable for your attendees, you then have to get into the nitty-gritty of logistical planning—does their calendar allow them time to present at your event?

Once you have finalized your speaker (or list of speakers), you can breathe a sigh of relief. But your job is still not done. In order to ensure that your speakers are set up to successfully present at your event and deliver valuable content to your attendees, you must continue to work with them throughout the event-planning process. Keep reading for our top five suggestions to make sure your speaker is set up to successfully deliver killer content at your event.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/19/16 11:31 AM

5 Trends for Experiential Marketing in 2017 and Beyond

Thanks to the rapid development of new technology, the event and experiential marketing field is constantly in flux. From finding the event marketing software that best suits your needs to incorporating virtual reality into your events, there are always new tools and technology that help take experiential marketing to the next level. But with so many evolving trends, how do you know which ones deserve your attention?

Last year we launched our Future of Event Marketing online series, interviewing industry experts about the future of experiential and asking them the compelling questions to which all event pros want answers. This year we’re doing it again, and have interviewed industry-leading event pros about what they see as the future of the industry. To give you a preview into the series, we’ve compiled a list of the top six trends for event and experiential marketing in 2017 and beyond—keep reading to learn more, and if you haven’t done it yet, click here to register for the series.

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/17/16 4:00 PM

3 Ways to Use Event Farm for Killer Email Design

A guest's event experience begins with the first email correspondence. It's crucial to make a good first impression, and well-designed outreach emails are key. The right event emails can help impress your invitees and get the right people in the room at your next event.

When it comes time to create email designs, start by identifying the purpose or goal of your outreach efforts. Read More...

  Written by Sarah Friedman on 10/13/16 6:17 PM

6 Event Management Tips for Every Event Planner

This is a guest post from Sarah Hill, a professional blogger and creative content writer at Group Se7en Events, a leading event management and event planning agency in London. Thanks for your contribution, Sarah!

If you work in events, it comes as no surprise that being an event planner has been voted in numerous polls as one of the most stressful jobs. We all like to be in control and ensure that every last detail is thought through, but to do this you need to be one step ahead of the game. Keep reading for top event management tactics for every event planner out there.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/11/16 10:41 AM

Tour D'States East Coast Preview: DC, NYC & Boston

We’ve got a busy week at Event Farm! Tomorrow we’re kicking off our Tour D’States roadshow on the east coast, hosting our first event on our home turf in Washington, DC, before we head to NYC and Boston. At our series of small, educational events that we'll be hosting throughout the month, attendees will hear from experts about the future of event and experiential marketing, and will have the opportunity to network with industry peers.

Interested in learning more about the speakers and panelists who will be at the Tour D’States event this week in your city? Keep reading for a quick preview of each of the industry experts who will share their knowledge and insights about key industry trends. We'll see you on the road! 

  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/10/16 4:21 PM

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing Event Marketing Software

Events are consistently cited as one of the most effective marketing channels, and event marketing software platforms make it possible for your events to become even more successful. From helping event planners create more engaging experiences to helping marketers make sense of (and justify) the cost of their event, choosing to utilize an event marketing platform is an obvious decision for many event pros. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 10/5/16 10:19 AM

6 Tips to Supercharge Sales and Marketing Alignment at Events

According to a Marketo report, companies whose sales and marketing organizations are well-aligned are 67% better at closing deals, and extract 208% more value from marketing spend. This is particularly important when it comes to in-person events and experiences, which are quite costly and can consume up to 40% of a B2B company’s marketing budget.

It usually falls under marketing’s responsibilities to plan and execute top-notch events, while the sales team is responsible for adding value and meaningfully engaging prospects and customers once they’re in the room so that ROI is as high as possible. How can sales and marketing professionals ensure that they are aligned and are working together to drive revenue with events to affect a business’s bottom line? We’ve come up with six great tips to help you improve sales and marketing alignment at your future events.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/3/16 2:18 PM

Event Farm Hits the Road: Tour D'States 2016

Good morning from Chicago! Today we're kicking off our first roadshow series, Tour D'States 2016. Over the next month we'll be traveling across the country to host educational, intimate events, offering attendees the chance to network with peers and learn from industry experts about the future of event and experiential marketing. 

Each roadshow event will take place from 3-6 pm local time, and will include:


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/29/16 7:00 AM

7 Tips for Planning an Event Roadshow

Hosting larger-scale, one-time events can help generate leads and interest in your company, but hosting a series of smaller-scale roadshow-style events is a better way to target high-quality potential or existing customers. Roadshow events give sales reps the opportunity to engage in-person with the accounts they care about the most, and hosting an event in or near your prospect’s city increases the likelihood that he or she will actually attend.

Thinking of planning a series of events to engage your high-quality prospects? Follow our seven tips for planning a roadshow—from event pros, for event pros.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/26/16 2:58 PM

10 Email Marketing Tips for Event Planners

This is a guest post from Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at Ultimate Experience in the UK. Thanks for your contribution, Dan!

Social media promotion is almost always part of event advertising. However, email marketing is another component that should be a part of the equation.

Understandably, many event planners are skeptical of email marketing due to the low open and click-through rate. Even so, email marketing is still quite useful and can boost ticket purchases if you follow the tips outlined below.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/21/16 4:16 PM

The Importance of AV and Lighting For Your Next Conference

When we started making initial plans for our inaugural OFFLINE Summit, our CMO, Alexandra, and I knew that one of the first decisions we would have to make was picking the perfect event venue for our conference. After we decided upon the Gelsey Kirkland Academy in Brooklyn, we looked for someone to help us with custom lighting and AV to make the venue represent our brand’s look and feel, and so that our attendees would have a great experience absorbing all of our top-notch content throughout the day.

Once we began our search, we were surprised to learn about all of the intricacies, and unexpected costs, that both of these crucial conference aspects would entail, but knew that this wasn’t an area in which we could scale back without sacrificing major aesthetic and logistical elements for our event.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/19/16 3:14 PM

Event Farm Acquires Attend

We are very excited to announce our acquisition of Attend, a Boston-based event software company. Both the Attend and Event Farm teams share an aligned vision that business events must receive credit for being a major marketing channel to drive revenue. That joined vision will continue to guide us in the future.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/15/16 3:47 PM

How Events Help Build Brands and Drive Revenue

Event marketing technologies are making it easier and easier to calculate your event’s ROI, but events can also help your company build a more elusive asset whose exact value is difficult to determine: a brand. Despite the difficulty marketers face in assigning a precise value to their brand, building a strong brand that resonates with consumers can be incredibly powerful in generating overall value for a company. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/12/16 7:41 PM

9 Essential Apps for Event Planners

Event planners have complicated workflows—from finding the perfect venue to ensuring that the right people get the right invitations, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together to create one coordinated, successful event.

Luckily, there are powerful tools that can help organize and synchronize your event-planning efforts. Whether you need inspiration for your event’s décor or are looking for ways to communicate more efficiently with your team, check out our list of nine essential apps that should be part of your event-planning toolkit.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/7/16 5:01 PM

How to Market Your Event to Attract the Best Attendees

Hosting an event isn’t about getting just anyone to show up to your venue—it’s about getting the best attendees possible to walk through those doors. No matter how much time or how many resources you put into planning an event, it will be difficult to find success if the right crowd is not in attendance.

Who makes up the right crowd? The people who will be most receptive to your event’s purpose and message. It’s important to not only gauge attendance by the number of people in the room, but to also consider the likelihood that the people in that room will help your event reach its ultimate goal, whatever that may be. In order to ensure that your guest list will help secure your event’s success, follow our six tips for marketing your event to get the best attendees.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/6/16 10:24 AM

4 Reasons Events are Essential for Your Marketing Strategy (Now More than Ever)

Even with the rise of event marketing softwares that allow marketers to better track their event’s ROI, events can eat up a significant portion of a company’s marketing budget. Not wanting to blow a substantial amount of money on one event, some marketers hesitate at the idea of including events in their marketing strategy.

But in today’s digital-centric world, hosting events is a more powerful marketing tool than ever before. Consumers are inundated with online marketing tactics. An in-person event allows a brand to make a greater impression on its target audience, giving those who host events an advantage over their competition. Keep reading to discover our top four reasons events are more essential to your marketing strategy now than ever before, and how they can make the rest of your marketing strategy smarter.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/31/16 3:36 PM

7 Ways to Enhance Attendee Experience Using iBeacons

Since Apple introduced iBeacons in 2013, the portable transmitters have found a place in the line-up of event and experiential technologies. Equipped with bluetooth capabilities, iBeacons determine the physical location of other portable electronic devices, such as tablets and cell phones, and are capable of sending messages or push notifications to those devices.

iBeacons offer exciting possibilities for marketers: they can produce targeted and promotional messages and send them to consumers or event attendees who are close by, potentially increasing the likelihood that nearby consumers would be aware of (and potentially engage with) a brand. But do unexpected and location-based promotional messages resonate well with consumers?


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/29/16 4:34 PM

5 Design Tips to Make Your Event's Website Pop

Event marketers understand the importance of branding their events in order to help facilitate an emotional connection between consumers and their brand. But creating an on-brand experience for consumers starts long before they walk into a venue—it starts with the first encounter they have with an event, its invitation or website

Being able to create a custom, on-brand website for your event offers exciting design possibilities and helps reinforce the connection between your event and brand in the minds of your attendees. But turning a blank screen into a aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly website can be a daunting task. Refer to our five simple web design tips to help get you started, and check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/25/16 10:15 AM

7 Best Ideas from OFFLINE Summit 2016

Earlier this summer, Event Farm hosted OFFLINE Summit, the first-ever conference solely focused on how offline experiences drive business results. With 20 sessions led by industry innovators, the conference covered everything from why creating experiences matters for business results to how virtual reality is going to impact events.

A theme that ran throughout the conference was the importance of creating authentic experiences and human interaction. Event Farm CEO Ryan Costello introduced the theme in his Keynote, and many of the conference's other speakers offered insights into how technology can enhance the authenticity of attendee experience and simultaneously provide marketers with the metrics they need to justify the cost of their events.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/22/16 5:23 PM

4 Steps to Ensure Your Event is Worth the Cost

Measuring event ROI is notoriously difficult. How do you quantify attendee experience and the face-to-face interactions made possible by events? While event software platforms are taking strides in helping marketers assign number values to events, there is still no cut-and-dry method for determining your return on investment.

Yet hosting in-person events is a highly-effective marketing tactic—according to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends, marketers ranked in-person events as the most effective marketing channel for the sixth consecutive year. So how do you take advantage of events as marketing tactics and feel confident in an event’s contribution to your company’s bottom line, despite not being able to calculate a definitive ROI? Follow these four steps to ensure that your event is worth its cost—even if you can’t precisely quantify its return.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 8/17/16 3:34 PM

6 Ways to Get Event Attendees to Commit to Your Brand

This is a post from Nick Smirniotopoulos, a guest columnist. Thanks for your contribution, Nick!

How do you get people to commit?

Thought leaders in the business world have been asking that question for years. Whether it’s closing a sale or signing a contract, certain principles can determine the success of these transactions. Business leaders have been turning to thought leaders like Dr. Robert Cialdini to help them maximize their influence.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/15/16 5:02 PM

3 Things to Remember When Designing Branded Swag For Your Event

This is a guest post from Brad Wayland, the VP of Business Development at BlueCotton. Thanks for your contribution, Brad!

An event’s content should stand on its own, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give away some goodies. To do that, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Conference bags are often a dime a dozen – felt receptacles filled with knick-knacks and doodads that no one ever bothers to use. They’re boring, forgettable, and generic. But yours doesn’t need to be.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/10/16 5:12 PM

3 Steps to Measure Your Event Marketing Success

In our digitally-driven world, data reigns supreme. For almost everything we do online, there’s a metric tied to it. But when marketing efforts span offline, they become more difficult to quantify.

In speaking with many of our customers, we’ve identified one common challenge: What’s the best way to measure event marketing success? To answer that question, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep in mind before, during and after events, to help demonstrate positive results throughout all stages of the event lifecycle.


  Written by Sarah Friedman on 8/9/16 5:31 PM

7 Creative Video Content Ideas to Promote Your Event

This is a guest post from Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at Ultimate Experience in the UK. Thanks for your contribution, Dan!

With YouTube and smartphone cameras, snapping a video and sharing it is easier than ever. People can become overnight sensations, and your event has the same possibility of achieving high recognition if a promotional video garners massive social media shares.

While luck certainly plays a role, a successful event promo video is also largely dependent on several elements that we'll discuss in this post.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/3/16 5:00 PM

Why Event Marketing Software Needs to Be a Part of the Marketing Stack

For as long as we can remember, in-person events and experiences have been one of the most critical components to a business’s marketing efforts for a variety of reasons – from lead generation, to building stronger relationships with prospects and customers, to increasing brand awareness and thought leadership, and beyond. This has stayed true despite a substantial shift in many businesses’ marketing tactics from physical to digital. These digital tools are often cheaper and make it easier to prove marketing ROI because marketers can see all of their prospects’ and customers’ digital touchpoints to see what has worked well, and what has not.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/26/16 10:54 PM

How Helios Interactive Created a Test Drive Experience for Lexus Using Virtual Reality

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Mike Schaiman, Managing Partner at Helios Interactive. In the interview, Mike talks about how Lexus gave prospects a real driving experience with its newest sports car, the RC F, using virtual reality hardware and software.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/21/16 4:12 PM

9 Most Expensive Line Items in Your Conference Budget (and Where and How to Cut Corners)

The early stage of planning a large-scale event like a conference is no cakewalk, even if the event is several months away and it feels like you have a ton of time to make forward progress. Event marketers must consider and decide upon several important factors, including the date, desired makeup and number of attendees, the perfect event venue and more, including the event budget.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/13/16 6:09 PM

How Trade Show Internet Saved OFFLINE Summit's Event Wi-Fi

If you’ve attended a marketing conference in the past few years, then you know how big of a struggle accessing reliable and quick Wi-Fi can be for you and your fellow attendees. You’re not alone in this struggle; Wi-Fi consistently ranks as one of the most important conference must-haves for attendees, yet the experience at most conferences remains pretty poor.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/6/16 5:02 PM

2 New Social Media Hacks to Improve Audience Engagement and Insights

As social media platforms fight to stay both innovative and relevant, they must come up with new ways to add value to their loyal users and entice newcomers to their services. Two of the industry giants, Facebook and Twitter, just announced new feature updates that will be hugely beneficial to event professionals and marketers, as well as event audiences and attendees, across the globe. Read on to learn how these new updates to Facebook and Twitter will make your social media-related event marketing tasks better than before!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/30/16 3:44 PM

4 Ways To Use Pinterest To Plan and Promote Your Event

Left in the shadows of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is an often-forgotten yet powerful network that should have a space in every event planner’s social toolbox.

While other media platforms are known for their ability to promote brands, products and events online, Pinterest is an effective tool for helping event marketers with their behind-the-scenes planning and brainstorming work. A Pinner’s ability to search through relevant content and curate boards of inspiration makes the platform useful for inspiring creativity and improving organization—and it has the added benefit of increasing event and brand awareness along the way.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/27/16 3:49 PM

How Linder Global Events Connected the Trust for the National Mall with Millennials at Landmark Music Festival

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Rebecca Linder, Founder and CEO of Linder Global Events. In the interview, Rebecca talks about how for the first time ever, the National Mall hosted the Landmark Music Festival, a music festival with two full days of 40+ musical performances across 5 stages on its grounds. The festival marked the kick-off to the Trust for the National Mall’s Landmark Campaign, a national initiative aimed at increasing awareness about and funds for the National Mall. Linder was brought on to produce the Trust’s #MakeYourMark tent, an interactive experience that educated festival-goers on the National Mall, Trust, National Park Service, and the Landmark Campaign. Every component within the tent contributed to the overarching goal of engaging a new generation and increasing exposure to the organization’s mission.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/20/16 9:38 PM

How MKG Built Brand Equity for Delta with "Stillness In Motion" at TED

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Lauren Austin and Tricia Desjardins at MKG in New York City. In the interview, they discuss how, at TED 2015, one of the most influential conferences of the year, Delta showcased their commitment to productivity both in the air and on the ground through our Stillness In Motion experience. Inspired by Pico Iyer’s "The Art of Stillness", the interactive installation asked TED attendees to be more conscious of being present and still, which ultimately instilled a sense of calmness while simultaneously allowing them to be more productive.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/7/16 5:54 PM

Extending the Life of Your Event: 9 Ways to Continue the Conversation

The following is a guest post from Quinn Marker. Thanks for your contribution, Quinn!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/31/16 5:24 PM

10 Ideas to Supercharge Your Event with Social Media

This is a guest post from Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at Ultimate Experience in the UK. Thanks for your contribution, Dan!

Social media is no longer some secret weapon for promoting your event. Just about every event planner uses social media to some degree. It’s more of a matter of how it’s being used that’s relevant. If you’re like most people that only use it for sending a few posts and pics here and there, then you are vastly underutilizing the full extent of social media.

Here are 10 ways to put a little “umph” into your event promotion using the full power of social networks.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/24/16 11:52 AM

9 Experiential Marketing Trends for 2016 and Beyond

We're getting REALLY excited for OFFLINE Summit, our inaugural annual event and experiential marketing conference, taking place in Brooklyn on June 2nd. We've had our awesome, star-studded speaker lineup posted on our site for quite some time, and just posted session titles and descriptions on our site so that our (actual and potential) attendees can start thinking about the speakers from whom they'd like to hear and the topics that appeal to them most.

To get our speakers and attendees even more excited about OFFLINE than they already are, we asked them to identify one key trend in experiential marketing and technology that they feel is making its mark on 2016 and beyond. Nine of our prized conference participants sent us snappy, not to mention very insightful, responses, so be sure to keep these trends in mind as you're crafting engaging activations for your brand or clients moving forward. Read on to learn more about the most important experiential marketing trends!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/18/16 11:21 PM

10 More Tips for Hosting Badass Events

Wow! The feedback that we we received about our badass webinar with Karen Hartline, CEO of Reinventing Events, was more than we ever could have imagined. We shouldn't have been too surprised, though – with over 13 years of event production experience, Karen's tips help planners bring creativity and a personal touch to create truly special events for their clients from start to finish. However, we were so inspired by all of the heartfelt comments from our fellow event pros that we decided to turn the entire webinar into an eBook, Beyond the Curtain: 50 Tips for Hosting Badass Events. (You can also bet that we're incorporating each and every one of her foolproof tips into our inaugural conference, OFFLINE Summit, taking place in Brooklyn on June 2nd – so thanks for the help, Karen!)


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/16/16 9:27 PM

How and Why 14 Consumer Brands Sponsored the Kentucky Derby in 2016

Last Saturday, over 167,000 people donned their fanciest headwear and a range of pastels that would make the Easter Bunny proud and headed out to Churchill Downs to watch the Kentucky Derby, sometimes referred to as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” In addition to those who attended the annual event live, another 15.5 million viewers watched the famed horse race on television.

If you were fortunate enough to attend (or like the rest of us, tuned in on the tube), you likely noticed a substantial, varied brand presence, with tons of experiential activations, giveaways, logos and more scattered throughout the racetrack grounds. This year’s race had over 15 substantial sponsors and close to 40 overall, ranging from luxury brands like Sentient Jets to more mass-market brands like Yum!, the parent company behind KFC and other popular fast food chains. In addition to a rising volume of sponsors, Churchill Downs reps say that total sponsorship revenue has “increased significantly since 2010,” in part because the racetrack is partnering with prominent brands in more comprehensive ways.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/12/16 4:48 PM

8 Sessions for Event Marketers to Attend at Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

This spring seems to be a particularly busy time for marketing conferences! Event Marketer’s Experiential Marketing Summit just wrapped up before this past weekend, so we only had a quick weekend to breathe in between that one of the bigger marketing conferences of the year, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. (Our fearless marketing leader and CMO Alexandra is on her way to Vegas for the conference right now!)

Unlike many of the conference we’ve covered in posts like this so far, Marketo’s conference doesn’t focus strictly on the events and experiential space, but rather provides a wide range of marketing content. That being said, there are a handful of sessions that should strongly appeal to event pros, for topics like producing events, figuring out how to better incorporate them into a holistic marketing strategy, how to better market your own business and much more.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/9/16 6:38 PM

9 Must-Attend Sessions at the 2016 Experiential Marketing Summit

Today marks the start of one of the industry’s biggest experiential marketing conferences, aptly named the Experiential Marketing Summit, taking place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The second edition of Event Marketer magazine’s conference will cover all things events and experiential in a format similar to their other major trade show, EventTech, with a large emphasis on content and hands-on experiential tech. Since we know that many of you love our blog articles, like Seven Annual Event Marketing Conferences To Attend, as well as following our advice, there’s a good chance that you are there right now!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/4/16 9:15 PM

3 Key Findings from Brands Using Events for Tech Content Marketing

Event marketers across the nation, rejoice! If you’ve felt that events are losing their place in today’s mix of digital marketing strategies and tools, you’re not alone. With an increase of cries that “content is king!” and a heavier-than-ever emphasis on using the latest and greatest marketing tech tools to advance your business, it’s natural that events’ place in your marketing stack comes into question from time to time. However, recent research has reaffirmed our strongly held belief that business-oriented events are not just here to stay, but are more important than ever, as the 2016 Content Marketing Institute’s research named events as the most effective marketing tactic for the sixth year running.

These claims hold especially true for professionals working with enterprise technology. Leader enterprise technology media company IDG Enterprise just released their 2016 Customer Engagement research report, and the findings are very encouraging for IT decision-makers and other marketers looking to use B2B-focused events in their plans for 2016 and beyond. Read on to learn more about the three key findings from this year’s report!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/2/16 5:29 PM

6 Tips to Rock Your Event Marketing Strategy with Snapchat

If you consider yourself tech-savvy and like keeping up on social trends, then you are likely very familiar with Snapchat, the latest social network to take the world – especially the elusive millennial demographic – by storm. If, by chance, you’re unfamiliar, at its core, Snapchat is a social network that allows users to either send text, picture and video messages to one another that “expire” after a set amount of time, or post them to their “story,” which allows anybody that follows him or her to view that message for the next 24 hours.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/27/16 8:37 PM

How Moderne Communications and Sunglass Hut Brought an Interactive Dance Floor to Life

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Nick Stetz, Account Manager at Moderne Communications. In the interview, they discuss how Modern was tasked with seamlessly integrating an experiential activation into an existing summer program, "The Sun Never Sets at Sunglass Hut." To answer the challenge, they brought in a human-powered interactive dance floor and a DJ. Consumers were encouraged to dance on the energy-generating floor, and powered a synthetic LED sun that rose over the floor as the real sun set in the background. The tour continued through several major cities to extend its efficacy, where consumers were encouraged to raise energy joules by dancing and posting about the experience on social media.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/25/16 4:58 PM

How MAS Events + Design Went Back to a Tech Giant's Roots With Google House

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Mia Choi, Creative Director and Partner at MAS Events + Design. In the interview, she explains how her agency produced Google House, an annual consumer press event that offers media a first-hand guided tour through the company's current hardware, products and latest innovations, for the third time this year.  The environment and experience were designed to be immersive and participatory in order to offer a compelling and informative place from which editors would be inspired to share something new from Google with their readers. 


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/13/16 10:29 AM

7 Annual Event Marketing Conferences To Attend

As event professionals, we’re true believers in the importance of in-person events and interactions. So, it might not come a surprise that we strongly endorse attending an event marketing conference (or several) as one of the best things you can do for the future of your business, even during a time in which many professionals are choosing to keep their interactions with their peers online and allocate their conference budget elsewhere.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/11/16 11:00 AM

5 Things to Expect at OFFLINE Summit 2016

We recently came across an article that asked, “is offline marketing dead in a digital world?” Our short answer: heck no! While new digital marketing technologies have revolutionized marketers’ abilities to track and measure event ROI, a number of event and experiential technologies have come to fruition alongside them to show how live experiences actually affect a business’s bottom line. Because of this, it’s never been more exciting to explore event and experiential marketing, and the technologies that make offline experiences better than ever. With that in mind, we at Event Farm are INCREDIBLY excited to introduce our first inaugural event and experiential marketing conference, OFFLINE Summit, to you and your colleagues!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/6/16 6:20 PM

Cheers to Lori Ann Pope and Nicole Vendetti, Our Farmers of the Year!

Congratulations, Lori Ann and Nicole!

2015 was quite the year for Event Farm, especially when it came to growing both our team and platform. So, it's only fitting that we have TWO Farmers of the Year for 2015: Lori Ann Pope and Nicole Vendetti of Facebook's Events team! We're recognizing Lori Ann and Nicole with this prestigious award as they have been integral components to our largest global rollout of Event Farm, introducing our game-changing event marketing platform to eight additioanl teams spread across five continents. Both huge proponents of Event Farm and all that it does to make their jobs easier, they have stayed on top of their teams and partners in order to move projects along, in addition to creating Facebook-specific help documentation and coordinating resources to make sure everything has gone smoothly and aligns with Facebook’s overall goals.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/4/16 3:17 PM

A Classic Approach to Events: Introducing Paper Invitations & Pen-and-Paper Check-In

At Event Farm, we know how important it is to have a seamless, on-brand event experience for your guests. This holds true from the moment they receive your invite, to when they check in with your staff at the event, to any follow-up campaigns that you may send out after your event venue doors have closed.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/1/16 12:00 AM

How G7 Entertainment Marketing Helped Warner Music Solve a Major Festival Painpoint

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Wayne Leeloy, Head of Brand Partnerships & Digital Strategy at G7 Entertainment MarketingIn the interview, he explains how the agency helped Warner Music Nashville (WMN) solve a major festival issue: the absence of good internet connectivity. G7 and their technology partner designed a branded wifi experience that provided a seamless, engaging, branded social share experience – all the while providing WMN with deep data capture and added value experience for their fans and partners. Through the use of mobile WiFi units for Warner's “pop up” show activations, they were able to blanket a large swatch of their activation footprint with a stellar, added-value, fan-first experience.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/29/16 4:08 PM

Hello From the Farm! Meet Account Manager Aashna Kishore

The Farmer that we're introducing this week has been part of our team for quite a while by now – seven months, give or take – but she jumped right into helping our awesome clients properly set up and execute their event marketing strategies night and day on her first day with us, so this post is long overdue. Without further ado, say hello to Account Manager Aashna Kishore!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/25/16 1:49 PM

#EventTech That Works: Brain-Pickings of 6 #EventProfs On Choosing the Right Technology [Part II]

This is the second half of a guest blog post from Kevin Hilton of COSGroup.com. Thanks for your contribution!

In Part I of this post, we covered a number of event industry and technology highlights and predictions for the rest of 2016 and beyond. Three top #eventprofs talked about pressing issues affecting those in the industry near and far, including mobile event apps, the ways the Internet of Things are changing how devices communicate with one another, how to choose the right event technologies for your business, and much more.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/22/16 5:03 PM

#EventTech That Works: Brain-Pickings Of 6 #EventProfs On Choosing The Right Technology [Part I]

The following post is the first half of a guest post from Kevin of COS Group. Thanks for your contribution!

The first month of 2016 saw countless tech trends and predictions from event professionals:

  • Drones promising to revolutionize video coverage of live events
  • Augmented and virtual reality creating immersive experiences
  • Mobile event apps transforming to full-featured analytics platforms
  • The Internet Of Things (IOT) taking connectivity to another level
  • Location-aware technologies continuously evolving
  • And many more!

  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/16/16 8:12 PM

How a BKA-Produced Experience Positioned AOL as a Mobile Leader

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Michael Reese, EVP of Creative at Barkley Kalpak Agency. In the interview, Michael shows how AOL is uniquely positioned to mobilize data and content for the future, and created an experience to show AOL as “Mobilizing the Future.” He walks us through how they transformed a 125,000 square foot shell into an experience that engaged, surprised and impressed even the most jaded Ad Week attendee. From social interactions to surprise concerts to larger-than-life demos, experiences at AOL's Future Front were around every turn.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/10/16 6:01 PM

How 6 Companies Are Using Events at SXSW to Drive Business Results

One of our favorite events of the year kicks off this Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited. You guessed it – we’re talking about SXSW Interactive, the five-day festival filled with panels, presentations, parties, meetings, networking events and much more led by the brightest minds in technology and innovation.

As you may have guessed, several members of the Event Farm team will be packing our bags and heading to Austin this weekend, along with many of our clients and friends in the industry as well. In addition to the vast amount of official programming taking place, several brands and organizations take advantage of the convergence of so many all-stars in one place and host a variety of special events over the course of several days.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/8/16 5:58 PM

What's New in Event Farm 5.1?: Form Templates, Streamlined Registration and More

The illustrious Event Farm developers have been incredibly busy working around the clock to improve all aspects of our event marketing software, especially as they pertain to our clients' requests. Today, we’re proud to announce the latest release of our platform, dubbed Event Farm 5.1.  This is our first major version release since Event Farm 5.0, and includes a whopping 62 issues, both large and small.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/3/16 5:59 PM

11 Must-Have Tech Tools for Event Marketing

We recently ran a webinar with renowned event planner Liz King, 25 Unique Ways to Engage Your Attendees with Technology, in which she made a point that really resonated with us. When she asked the pertinent question, “what is event tech?,” she stressed the point that event technologies encompass all technologies. While some of these may be apparent to seasoned event pros – think event registration websites, mobile event apps, check-in apps, experiential technologies like RFID and NFC, and beyond – this also includes technologies that you’d find in any digital marketer’s toolkit, like task management platforms, analytics tools, CRMs and many others.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 3/1/16 10:39 PM

How ClearHart Solved Key Festival Painpoints Using NFC Wristbands

In this week's featured post from our Masterminds of Experiential Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with another one of our own, SVP of Product and Business Development Clara De Soto, who runs our experiential division, EFxIn the video, Clara shows how shows how major festivals like South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Outside Lands, and Manhattan Cocktail Classic make both the attendees' and the sponsors' experiences better using experiential technologies like NFC and RFID. Through these wearable technologies, sponsors can better collect data and show ROI; attendees can get recipes and easily share on social. It's all about the 3 Cs: commerce, content, and connectivity.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/25/16 5:05 PM

How Snapchat Upped Its Event Engagement Game with On-Demand Geofilters

Have you been paying attention to social networks’ product announcements as of late? If so, you may have noticed that many networks have released features specifically geared towards events. For example, Facebook revamped their Events tool in November of last year and made it much more useful and user friendly in the process, and Twitter introduced their event targeting feature to make it easier for marketers to engage their audience during global events. These updates benefit event organizers, attendees and the social platforms alike, as they drive greater engagement for both the event and the network at hand. So, we weren’t surprised when Snapchat recently announced a new feature to help make it a more official part of special events: new on-demand geofilters.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/23/16 7:51 PM

8 Unique Ways to Engage Your Attendees with Technology

Attention is one of the scarcest resources of the 21st century. Our attendees have more competition for their attention than ever before, which means that marketing is more difficult and keeping them engaged on site is challenging, too. So, what can we do as event planners to make our events engaging?


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/19/16 6:34 PM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Market Manager Clif LeGrand

2016 is poised to be a big year for growth for the Farm. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to one of our newest hires, Market Manager Clif LeGrand!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/16/16 12:41 PM

11 Outstanding Event Venues in Los Angeles

It’s a very special week for Event Farm… because, for the first time, I’m in our famed Santa Monica office, and have the pleasure of meeting our West Coast team for the first time! I’m only a few hours into my first workday here, but it’s been a great reminder that, in business and in life, nothing beats the importance of face-to-face meetings and connections.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/11/16 8:51 PM

10 Event Marketing Metrics You Must Track

In the early days of professional event planning, organizers experienced a phenomenon that expert Corbin Ball calls the “black hole of event data management,” meaning that it was hard to paint a comprehensive picture of event data before, during and after an event. However, new engagement tools and apps that have emerged in the past several years now track each individual through multiple touchpoints, changing the way that marketers fuse events and data.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/9/16 9:34 PM

10 Real Examples of Amazing Event Invitation Language

There's one thing that most, if not all, great business events have in common: awesome invitations. Your event invitation is one of the first opportunities that you and your brand have to make a positive impression on your future attendees and pique interest in your event and everything that it has to offer. In addition to great design, the biggest factor that can help your event invitations stand out from the rest and significantly impact your RSVPs and attendance is your invitation wording and language.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/4/16 4:29 PM

18 Metrics You Must Track at Your Next Trade Show Site

As we covered in our Smarter Trade Shows webinar with Event Guidance’s Kurt Sabin, today’s successful event marketers use technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth monitoring to acquire important information on attendee behaviors. This is important because it helps them better track and measure their event ROI and become smarter about how and where they’re spending money on trade shows, conferences and similar exhibits.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/1/16 4:07 PM

10 Tips to Rock Your Event Marketing Strategy with Twitter

Social media platforms have long been part of any successful event organizer’s arsenal of marketing tools, and services like Twitter have continued to grow in popularity along with real-time marketing tactics as a whole. Second only to Facebook as the most useful social network for event marketers (which barely took first place with 37% of the vote as opposed to Twitter’s 36%) in this study, Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for marketing and promoting events due to the ease with which event marketers can engage and connect with attendees and prospects in real time. The social network is also cited as the most important social network for event marketers during an event, which likely won’t surprise you if you’ve attended an event and have sought ways to connect with fellow attendees and the brand behind it all for a richer overall experience.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/28/16 5:17 PM

Four Factors to Keep in Mind When Using Technology to Measure Event ROI

There’s no doubt that events play a major role in the most effective digital marketing mixes. Events are an incredibly important tool for brands to use, as they bring together a wider range of marketing assets, ranging from social to mobile to audience development and beyond. They're especially critical for companies looking to market to millennials, who increasingly cite live experiences as more important to them than physical objects. However, it's no longer enough enough to simply host an event. The most successful event planners will need to measure the event after the fact in order to evaluate overall efficacy and improve their strategy when planning future events.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/25/16 3:14 PM

Welcome to the Farm! Say Hello to Market Manager Ryan O'Connell

It's a really exciting time to be a part of Event farm, as our team keeps growing and growing. Say hello to one of our newest hires, Market Manager Ryan O'Connell!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/21/16 2:03 PM

30 Questions to Ask When Touring an Event Venue

There are a ton of important factors to consider when picking an event venue – the type of event, budget, location, and décor, just to name a few. While it’s helpful to use those kinds of criteria to create a shortlist of venues to tour, you’ll need to ask the venue manager (or whomever it is that you meet during your tour) several questions to help you learn more about the space that isn’t visually obvious.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/19/16 7:42 PM

Internet Explorer is Riding Into the Sunset, and Marketers Need to Care

On January 12th, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue support for any version of Internet Explorer, with the exception of its most current version, IE 11, on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. This means that anybody running any version of Internet Explorer other than IE 11 will no longer receive security updates or technical support from Microsoft.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/14/16 6:53 PM

3 Things to Consider When Optimizing Your Trade Show Booth Design

Event engagement used to be measured in anecdotes and attendance. Today, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi monitoring technologies such as geo-fencing allow marketers to get drilled-down information on attendee behaviors — and, in the process, redefine their event ROI – as well as their level of engagement with displays and exhibits at trade shows and conferences.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/11/16 2:59 PM

How 7 Big Brands Capitalize on Events and Experiences at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a hub of innovation, and is one of the most important and highly-attended conferences each year as it serves. With over 4,000 product showcases at last year's event alone, CES serves as an international stage to reveal next-generation innovations to the marketplace, and the most innovative brands are always there to get a front seat to the show.  


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/6/16 7:24 PM

14 Top Event Technology and Industry Predictions For 2016

Happy New Year, from all of us at Event Farm! We had a great year in 2015, but know that 2016 is going to be a year to remember, as well as one in which certain aspects of event technologies and the events industry as a whole will change considerably. To get a better handle on what event professionals should expect this year, I spoke with 10 industry veterans to get their predictions for the future of events – and I happened to find them all under the same (theoretical) Event Farm roof! Read on to find out what our team thinks 2016 has in store for us, and see if you agree with their forecasts.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/4/16 10:18 PM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Business Development Manager Chloe Khadka

We're thrilled to introduce Chloe Khadka, our newest Business Development Manager, in our last blog post of 2015!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/28/15 8:00 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Support Engineer Hannah Abrams

It's been an incredibly busy year on the Farm! Part of what has made 2015 so special are the great people that we've brought onto our team. We couldn't be more grateful to be working with them, and are excited to introduce them to you as well. With that, say hello to our first featured new hire of the holiday season, Support Engineer  Hannah Abrams!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/22/15 4:34 PM

Five Experiential Marketing Campaign Best Practices for 2016 and Beyond

Research has disproven something that people previously assumed when spending money: that because physical objects last longer, they make us happier long-term than one-off experiences, like attending your favorite band’s concert or taking that much-needed vacation. As a result, brands are focusing on experiential marketing in their larger marketing strategy as consumers increasingly value experiences over “stuff.”


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/15/15 4:24 PM

10 Brand-Sponsored Holiday Events & Exhibitions in 2015

We’re well into what many call “the most wonderful time of the year:” the December holiday season. This festive period between Thanksgiving and the beginning of January tends to be a high season for events, ranging from holiday parties to nationwide celebrations that can attract thousands of participants or viewers. As a result, many brands and companies choose to sponsor certain events, or partner with the event hosts, in order to accomplish a variety of goals, including increasing brand recognition, raising awareness for a charity or a cause, generating sales and revenue, giving back to the community and more.

We’ve profiled 10 different ways that brands are making the most of their holiday season by sponsoring festive events and exhibitions throughout the country. Read on to learn how these organizations are getting their names out there this holiday season, as well as how they’re benefitting by doing so.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/10/15 2:13 PM

14 Unique Event Venues in Washington DC

In addition to being home to one of Event Farm’s largest offices, our nation’s capital, Washington DC, houses some very interesting and unique event venues. These restaurants, hotels, private rooms and more suit a wide range of events of all shapes and sizes, from intimate dinners to corporate meetings to conferences to weddings and beyond.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite venues on our home turf. Some are and have been city staples for quite some time, while others are either new or have been improved in the recent years. While this list is by no means exhaustive – there are a ton of great event venues in the District – you can read on to get a glimpse into 14 of our favorite unique event venues in Washington DC, being sure to keep in mind these 10 things that event planners should consider when choosing the perfect event venue.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/8/15 9:11 PM

The Intersection of Events and Technology

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's SVP Product and Business Development, Clara de Soto, speaks with Liz King, the founder of Liz King Events and the techsytalk LIVE conference.

In the interview, Clara and Liz discuss the intersection of events of technology, which is one of Liz's fortes. As an adjunct faculty member for NYU, she frequently looks ahead to understands which technologies will be most important for her students to apply in the future. She also has an incredible understanding of digital marketing, in particular in applying social media to events, which has contributed in a big way to her ability to distinguish the event tech "noise" from what will really make a significant impact down the road.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/3/15 3:50 PM

Three Ways to Keep Your Events Community Engaged

Events communities aren't built overnight. Even for the most seasoned of event planners, it takes a substantial amount of time and effort to truly engage your audience, which is critical to developing deep and meaningful relationships with those in it. Fortunately, in part because of new event technologies revolutionizing the industry, engaging with your events community has never been easier, which is important because face-to-face experiences aren't going away anytime soon.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/30/15 5:53 PM

8 Best Online Resources For Event Marketers

As a marketer with a strong digital and software background, but very little event marketing experience, I found myself to be a fish out of water when I joined Event Farm and it came to the intricacies of the event industry. To dive in head first (forgive the multiple metaphors), I pledged to read as much as I could to better understand what event marketers care about, what their lives are like, and how they tackle the many challenges of their hectic jobs. Besides asking my colleagues far too many questions, I proactively and autonomously ensured that I was staying educated.


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 11/24/15 5:30 AM

The Dos and Don'ts of Instagram for Event Marketing

Two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have been part of a successful event marketer's social toolbox and strategy for many years now. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for newer platforms, such as Instagram, which has seen a rise in popularity and presence in event marketing processes and at live events, especially as the importance of mobile at events continues to rise daily. Many brands and event planners use the platform to increase event awareness and reach, drive conversations, deepen interactions with attendees, and of course, provide long-lasting visual representations and memories of an event, even long after the venue's doors come to a close.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/18/15 8:45 PM

Why Event Marketers Must Use Technology to Prove ROI

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CEO, Ryan Costello, speaks with Tom Spano, Director of Event Marketing for SteelHouse.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/16/15 3:55 PM

15 Tips for Hosting Badass Events

One of the best ways to learn how to throw amazing live events and experiences is by being heavily involved in all aspects of the event production process, before, during and after an event. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Karen Hartline, Founder and CEO of Reinventing Events, has a ton of event planning best practices up her sleeve. With with over 13 years of event production experience working at companies like Mashable and Porter Novelli to produce conferences, dinners, launch parties, road shows and more without a hitch, Karen has been the driving force behind too many successful events for her to count.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/11/15 4:49 PM

Introducing Event Farm 5.0

Over the last few months, our engineering team has been hard at work on the newest version of our software, Event Farm 5.0. We take great pride in our ability and commitment to understand our clients' needs and translate them into a better Event Farm experience. With that being said, we’re excited to announce as of today, Event Farm 5.0 is officially live!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/10/15 8:11 AM

8 Ways to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is arguably the most dominant social network for businesses and professionals, many event planners don’t take full advantage of the many benefits the network provides when it comes to event marketing. While it’s true that LinkedIn shut down their Events feature, a vital one for B2B marketers, at the end of 2012, there are still many ways that event marketers can use the business-oriented network to attract top-quality attendees and expand their next live experience’s reach.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/5/15 6:02 PM

Raising the Bar with Experiential Marketing and Event Data

This week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series is a special one, as it features Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, and CEO, Ryan Costello, speaking to one another about where Ryan sees the future of events going next year and beyond.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/2/15 5:29 PM

Why Data Security and Privacy Matter to Event Marketers

At Event Farm, we pride ourselves on being the event industry’s most secure event marketing software platform, as well as having a robust privacy policy. We work with some of the world’s largest organizations, spanning from finance, to law, to tech and beyond. It’s incredibly important both to us and to our clients that we have measures in place to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, and that we also don’t abuse our power and mishandle it internally.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/28/15 2:24 PM

Using Mobile to Expand Reach Before, During and After Events

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO Alexandra Gibson spoke with Tahira Endean, the Events Manager for QuickMobile and one of myQaa's top 5 women in event technology for 2015.

In the interview, Alexandra talks to Tahira about the future of mobile event applications for event marketing, as well as the directions in which she sees event data going for more personalized and informative experiences. Tahira also shares some of the innovative ways she sees top organizations using mobile to expand their reach before, during and after events.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/26/15 6:52 PM

3 Excel Hacks for Cleaning Up Your Event Data

Let’s be honest. There are two types of event professionals: those that have mastered Excel, and, well… everybody else. If you proudly consider yourself a master of columns, cells, conditional formatting and the occasional concatenate, congratulations! You’ve likely saved yourself hours upon hours of time.

If you’ve proudly shared or boasted about such skills with your colleagues then you also know the consequences of your mastery.  You may have officially been crowned the office Excel king or queen, being tasked with everything from a simple sum function to saving contact info to a CSV.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 10/21/15 4:14 PM

Pushing Creative Boundaries with Experiential Marketing

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CEO, Ryan Costello, spoke with Lauren Austin, Creative Director at MKG, an experiential and event marketing agency based in New York City.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/19/15 4:47 PM

Integrating Events Into Your Marketing Strategy and Software Stack

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Corbin Ball, a speaker, consultant and writer focusing on meetings and trade show technologies.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/13/15 12:00 AM

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Event App

New event technologies like mobile event apps have made a big impact on how attendees interact with live events, as well as how event organizers can gather additional insights from these experiences. This is, in part, because we’re experiencing a big shift in mindset towards mobile. In fact, 63% of meeting professionals currently use mobile event apps at their events (MPI 2014), a rate that is expected to jump to anywhere from 85-100% by the end of this year.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/8/15 12:00 AM

Setting the Stage for Experiential Marketing Campaigns of the Future

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CEO, Ryan Costello, spoke with Dave Brown, SVP, Group Creative Director at Edelman, one of the leading global communications marketing and PR agencies.

In the interview, Ryan and Dave reflect on Dave's long-standing career in events with a strong emphasis on the creative and experiential sides of event planning. He brings many insights from years of working with some of the top brands in the world on how event marketing will evolve in the coming years, including expanding on his ideas behind the "race for consumer attention" and the intersection of digital and physical environments


  Written by Brian Pesin on 10/5/15 5:20 PM

10 Ways to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy with Facebook

Social media has done a lot to change the way event marketers approach their events throughout all stages of the planning and marketing processes. According to a study, the majority of marketers use real-time marketing tactics like social media to promote their events and engage their target audiences, which shows that social networks have true sticking power in the events space.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/30/15 5:00 PM

Incorporating Neuroscience and Psychology Into Your Events Strategy

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with David Adler, CEO and co-founder of BizBash, one of the event industry's leading resources for event planning news and ideas.

During the interview, Alexandra and David talk extensively about how event experiences will better incorporate key psychological and neuroscientific principles in the future. They also discuss how to integrate the Internet of Things for events, as well as how in-event experiences will change with event technology.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/28/15 3:32 PM

Tips for Building Your Data-Driven Event Strategy

Data-driven marketing is hardly a new concept. However, capturing meaningful data before, during, and after offline events has long been a challenge, even for the most seasoned event planner.

The good news is that there is a lot more data in the events industry now, stemming from the abundance of mobile apps, location-based services, and digital marketing techniques that help to collect additional information about your prospects and attendees. Once you have this important data at hand, you’ll need to figure out how to best leverage it to extract valuable insights that you can use to learn from past events, and optimize experiences that you have coming up in the future.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/24/15 5:19 PM

How Chaco, Squarespace, and OtterBox Use Experiential Marketing to Win at Music Festivals

At the end of July, a friend and I attended the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. While it was my first time at Newport – a music festival steeped in 50 years of tradition, including the first time Bob Dylan went electric – I was no newbie to the festival scene. Unlike most of my other music festival experiences that catered to a much more raucous crowd, the Newport experience is one that really encourages interaction and experiences even beyond the music, wandering from one stage to another through the beautiful Fort Adams State Park. The festival boasted booths from small craftsmen to media companies like NPR, and three standout experiential installations from do-it-yourself website technology company Squarespace, footwear company Chaco, and mobile case maker OtterBox.


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 9/21/15 5:25 PM

60 Line-Item Expenses to Include in Your Event Budget

Whether you’re an industry veteran or are new on the scene, staying on top of your event budget is essential for making sure that your event crosses the finish line as a huge success. Managing your event budget effectively will help you stay organized, making sure you don’t spend more money than you have, and proving event ROI.

It likely goes without saying that there are a ton of expenses that you’ll rack up throughout your event planning and execution processes. As a company full of seasoned event profs who thrive on dotting their Is and crossing their Ts (just check out our New Media Party 2015 recap video), we thought it would be helpful to show you how we begin thinking about and organizing our event budgets. These suggestions will prove quite useful for any event planners that are just getting started, and may be helpful for seasoned pros that are looking to fine tune their strategy.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/16/15 10:57 PM

Getting Smarter: Thinking About Events As Marketing Programs

In this week's featured post form our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CEO Ryan Costello sits down with Derrick Djang, Head of Events, Performance Marketing at Google.

During the interview, Ryan and Derrick talk about how Google sees events as part of a greater marketing strategy, both now and in the future. They also touch on what the ideal event marketing team will look like down the road, and what obstacles the industry will face in the next few years.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/14/15 4:50 PM

15 Sessions for Event Marketers to Attend at Hubspot INBOUND 2015

As events and experiences become increasingly tied to a successful holistic marketing strategy, it's important for marketers to keep up with the trends and technologies that are changing industry behaviors. My colleague Alexandra and I are doing our due diligence this week by attending one of the industry's premier inbound marketing conferences, Hubspot INBOUND 2015. We'll join thousands of other marketers in keynotes, talks, breakout sessions, and live experiences to sharpen our skill set and learn about new advents in the events and marketing space.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/7/15 6:00 PM

Why Face-To-Face Experiences Matter for Your Company's Bottom Line

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's COO, Brennan McReynolds, spoke with Dan Berger, Founder and CEO of Social Tables, the leading collaboration software for event planners and venues to work together online.

During the interview, Brennan and Dan talk about the future of data as it pertains to events. They answer the hard questions about the skill sets that the best event marketers will possess in the future, and why face-to-face experiences will matter for businesses' bottom lines.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/2/15 5:19 PM

How To Use Event Registration Questions to Delight Your Guests

Last week my colleague, Brian, compiled a very thorough list of 105 questions that you can use on your event registration website to help you gather additional valuable data and information about your attendees. Frequently, companies collect this information and use it before and after the event, but you can also use some of these questions to surprise and delight your attendees from the time they walk through the venue door. It’s a great way to both learn more about their interests and preferences, and start your event off on a very positive and memorable note.


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 8/31/15 5:27 PM

9 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Branded Event Website

The importance of having a beautiful and functional branded event website is higher than ever as many aspects of events, specifically the invitation and registration management process, move into the digital sphere. Leads, prospects, customers and evangelists alike will use this critical event asset to learn more about your upcoming experience, and ultimately decide whether or not it’s one that they should attend.

Because your branded event website will be one of the first points of interaction between your invitees and your brand’s event, it’s important that it’s well-designed, on-brand, and also optimized to make the event registration process seamless and straightforward for your attendees. Unfortunately for event planners, we often see flaws on these websites that prevent them from reaching their top potential, which also affects the experience and brand that they represent.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/26/15 9:20 PM

Using Technology Platforms to Gather Data and Demonstrate Event ROI

In this week's featured post from our Future of Event Marketing series, Event Farm's CMO, Alexandra Gibson, spoke with Justin Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager at DoubleDutch, a leading provider of mobile event applications that creates a highly social and engaging experience for attendees that generates a wealth of data and insight for organizers to demonstrate event ROI and success.

Throughout the interview, Alexandra and Justin speak about the importance of calculating event ROI, measuring success, and the different key metrics and technology platforms that event marketers can use to do so. Justin also explains many of the forward-thinking ways that DoubleDutch's customers use mobile technologies to gather real-time insights and analytics, as well as using them for creative applications to enhance the guest experience, and covers how this will continue to be important in the future.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/24/15 3:50 PM

105 Questions to Gather Data from Your Event Registration

When event planners organize an event, one of the early things that can determine its success is asking the right questions during the event registration process. In addition to collecting the essentials like name, email address and phone number, asking different questions will make it easy for you to gather additional data about your attendees without having to do much extra work or taking up much additional time.

There are many different types of questions that you can use to do this. Some will help you gather additional demographic information, such as their education background or income levels. Others may help you gear up for tackling tactical tasks at a specific event, like asking about meal preferences and other logistics to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. Last, you can ask questions about your attendees’ personal preferences and buying interests that may not relate directly to your upcoming event.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/20/15 9:31 AM

Why Brands and Companies Will Continue To Hold Events in a Digital Age

In the Future of Event Marketing, we interviewed 12 industry experts about what the future holds for the events industry and how it will impact event planners and the brands they represent moving forward. In the series, we explored some of the hottest topics related to event marketing, including today's most important event technologies, the role of data in events, how offline events will integrate into a brand's comprehensive marketing strategy and more.

In addition to the series' video and audio recordings, we'll also release the interview transcripts over the coming months on our blog. This week, we're pleased to bring Nagham Hilly, Director of Events and Special Projects for the popular publication WIRED, and her valuable insights to the table. She and Event Farm's Clara de Soto discuss how event data is changing the way marketers view experiences, and how to avoid getting caught up in the noise of "shiny and new." Nagham also explains why brands and companies will continue to hold events at all, and how they can be measured for business success.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/18/15 4:33 PM

10 Factors for Event Planners to Consider When Choosing the Right Event Venue

While event planners have to make a ton of important decisions when getting started with a new event, one of the most important ones is picking the best event venue. It involves much more than simply selecting the first available space! You’ll need to consider a number of different factors and do some careful research before selecting the perfect locale to make your event a smashing success.

To help you with your future event planning efforts, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most important factors for event professionals to consider when choosing the right event venue. Keep these in mind when it comes time to start looking into where you'll host your next experience for the best possible outcome.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/13/15 12:00 AM

8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016 and Beyond

As we covered in our last blog post, there have been a number of significant changes in the event marketing industry over the past several years, many of them stemming from new event apps and technologies to help streamline the event marketing process from start to finish. However, as is the case with the advent and implementation of any new core component of a process, there are bound to be ups and downs which may influence the sticking power of these new technologies, as well as how event professionals use them in their work currently as well as in the future.

In our new online series, The Future of Event Marketing, we sat down with 12 industry experts and asked them pressing questions to help determine what the future holds for our industry. Throughout the series, we explored some of the hottest topics related to event marketing, including the most important event technologies, how offline events will continue to influence a greater marketing strategy, the role of data in events, and much more.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/11/15 8:15 AM

35 Statistics That Every Event Marketer Should Know

New advents in technology, especially those that are internet or cloud-based, have significantly impacted marketing efforts cross all industries. In particular, many marketers have transitioned from using primarily traditional tactics like direct mail, and now take advantage of digital ones like social media and email marketing. These digital outreach methods are often less expensive, and are also easier to track and prove their returns.

Despite this trend towards digital, one interesting paradox remains: as internet and inbound-based marketing efforts continue to rise in popularity and efficacy, marketers across the US continue to cite live events and experiences as one of their most effective tactics. Further, the same marketers expect the impact of their events — and the long-term revenue they generate — to grow even more over the course of next couple of years. Without a doubt, this is because many new marketing and event technologies actually help to increase an event’s ROI, rather than finding suitable digital replacements for these important in-person engagements.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/5/15 9:20 PM

How Major Brands Reach Top Advertisers and Marketers with Events at Cannes Lions

The long-standing “International Festival of Creativity,” Cannes Lions, has been a pinnacle marketing and advertising industry event since its induction over 60 years ago. While many of the aspects of the lavish affair on the French Riviera haven’t changed — like its popularity and importance to these industries, not to mention the seemingly endless stretch of luxury yachts, delectable French cuisine and all the rosé you can drink — the focus of the event has certainly shifted.

The massive conference originally began as a global platform to celebrate and recognize the best of the best in advertising in its most traditional, Mad Men-esque sense — in movies, television, print and so forth. However, in the past five or so years, the primary topic of conversation now centers around advertising technologies and the platforms that support them rather than conversations mostly about ad content. While traditional advertising agencies and consumer brands dominate the Cannes Lions awards themselves, high-profile tech companies like Facebook, Google, AOL, Mashable and others are among those who have made attending Cannes Lions a priority, but more importantly, hosting events like panels and cocktail parties.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 8/4/15 7:30 AM

Why We're #Excited for Twitter's Event Targeting Feature

It’s no secret that event marketers across the globe continue to become increasingly reliant on social media to help execute their pre-, during and post-event engagement strategy. In fact, according to a recent study from FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute, the majority of event marketers (53%) plan on increasing their social media spend, and the same percentage plans on increasing their use of these tools to measure the viral impact of their events.

When it comes to measuring the efficacy of specific social channels, Twitter holds strong as one of the top two effective social media channels for measuring the viral impact of an event, and has been cited as the most effective when it comes to on-site interactions. In fact, another study from Regalix found that a whopping 91% of B2B marketers use social media networks like Twitter to engage both attendees and those who weren’t able to make it while their events are taking place. Additionally, when it comes to choosing the single most effective channel for, Twitter and Facebook were almost exactly equal, with 36% and 37% of the overall vote, respectively.

With all of this in mind, event marketers should be incredibly excited about the release of Twitter’s new event targeting feature, as live events typically attract massive audience on the service. Event targeting on Twitter will help brands better reach their desired target audience, which engages with live events on the popular social network.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/29/15 11:20 PM

Running Event Check-In for 8,000 Politicians Without Causing a Congressional Riot

In my first three days at Event Farm, it was sink or swim time. Every June, Event Farm runs the check-in for the Congressional Baseball Game — interacting with over 8,000 politicians and hill staffers in the blazing sun, ensuring they get into Nationals Park in time to see the partisan runs and strikes.

I had experience running event check-in for smaller affairs but nothing ever to this magnitude, and I learned some valuable lessons based on what we did well and what we could have done better. I hope that my takeaways will help you on your next large-scale event. We also created anevent check-in checklist that is very helpful for asking yourself questions ahead of time.


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 7/28/15 11:34 AM

Proving Event ROI: How To Start Thinking About Your Event Data

There's a great paradox that exists in the event marketing industry as marketing of all types continues to move in a digital direction. Although much of what we do takes place online, in-person events and face-to-face contact are the best ways to build meaningful relationships and close new business deals. In fact, per this article, both B2B and B2C marketers cite in-person events as one of their most effective content marketing channels.

However, event marketers frequently express or operate under the assumption that it's very difficult (or even nearly impossible) to measure the success of your event due to factors like long sales cycles, multiple prospect and customer touchpoints and more. The good news is that there are a lot of tools and practices that are becoming more commonplace to help you collect and measure event data so you can figure out if your event was successful or not.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/23/15 7:30 AM

Experiential Marketing of the Future: Bringing the Internet of Things to Experiences

We're beyond thrilled to announce today that Event Farm has acquired ClearHart Tech! With this acquisition, we're launching our company forward into the future of experiential marketing by bringing the Internet of Things to experiences.

ClearHart Tech is an innovation agency that leverages emerging event technology and non-traditional marketing solutions to bridge online and offline. Featured on Bloomberg TV and named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2013, ClearHart’s work has ranged from leading edge tech startups to Fortune 500 companies in North and South America. Co-Founders Erica Mannherz and Clara de Soto are joining the Event Farm team as part of the acquisition.

We're especially excited to have the ClearHart team on board, as they have considerable experience in NFC/RFID and wearable event technology. With this expertise, they'll be able to expand Event Farm's product offering with a suite of plug-and-play tools that, as previously mentioned, bring the Internet of Things to live events and experiences.

Let's learn a little bit more about what Clara and Erica have done previously in the experiential marketing space, and what they're looking forward to accomplishing with us here on the Farm.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/22/15 8:45 AM

How to Train Your Event Check-In Crew for a Great Guest Experience

When it comes to staffing events, many companies rely on extra help from temporary staff members or volunteers in order to execute them without a hitch, particularly when it comes to the event check-in process. While you might be fortunate enough to have several of your colleagues with you at the event, you might need extra hands on deck to accommodate the large volume of guests you’re expecting. In other cases, your brand reps may be better suited to handle more specialized tasks than check-in. Enter your newly formed event check-in staff to provide a much needed helping hand!

While your event check-in staff may provide some immediate stress relief with their presence alone, you’ll need to provide them with some additional training to make sure that things run smoothly. They may not fully understand your brand’s “vibe” and feel, and how you incorporate these key elements into your event engagement strategy. Equally as important, your event could be the first time that your staff is using any of your chosen technologies live, like an event check-in app and corresponding device.

We’ve put together a few guidelines together that we recommend following when you train your event check-in staff. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to ensuring that your guests have a great experience from start to finish.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/16/15 8:02 AM

17 Beautiful Event Registration Websites

For brands of all shapes and sizes, your event registration website is critical to the overall perception and success of your event. This is where your prospects will learn about what your brand and event have to offer, connect with others who may attend, and ultimately sign up or purchase a ticket for your event. It's more than a simple transaction portal, but rather a chance to express what your event is all about online and build both rapport and excitement with your target audience. 

For these reasons, it's critical that you build your event registration website on a platform that allows it to be fully customized and branded. Your website should mirrors aspects of your brand's design and overall feel, from the font, to the layout, to the images used and beyond.

To help inspire you, we've put together a list of 17 beautiful event registration websites, and will tell you a bit about why we think each is well-executed.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/13/15 11:22 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Business Development Manager Ben Dickey

Say hello to Ben!

Please join us in welcoming our newest hire to the Event Farm team, Business Development Manager Ben Dickey.

Ben is a native to the DC area, and grew up right over the state line in Montgomery County, Maryland. He chose to stay close to home to build on the connections he had already made, and has enjoyed watching the District transform into a true haven for successful start-ups. Prior to joining us at Event Farm, he worked at LivingSocial in both customer service and sales roles, and at Speek in business development. When he's not busy finding new opportunities for the Farm, you can find him grilling kabobs, teeing up on the golf course (he just caddied for Tim O'Neal at the U.S. Open) or making music at your local dive bar.

Let's learn a little bit more about why Ben is so excited to join us at the Farm.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/10/15 11:52 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Alexandra and Brian, the Event Farm Marketing Team

Say hello to Alexandra and Brian!

Please join us in welcoming our newest hires and dynamic duo — Alexandra Gibson, our new CMO, and Brian Pesin, our new Marketing Manager — to the Event Farm team! Together, they make up the Event Farm marketing team.

Alexandra lives and breathes digital marketing, and is a 4x start-up veteran, meaning she’s built the marketing from the ground up for four different companies, including her family’s interior design group and her own digital marketing agency, OttoPilot Media. She’s incredibly excited to tackle her fifth endeavor here at the Farm. When she’s not busy strategizing and building inbound marketing machines, you can find her at the front of a live music venue’s stage, hitting the slopes, or galloping into the sunset on the back of a horse.

Brian discovered his passion for marketing while studying at Stanford, where he took practical classes about human behavior and virtual communities that directly related to his future career path. He picked up valuable experience at with the marketing teams at Twitter, Wildfire and Stanford while in California before landing in DC at another local startup before moving to the Farm. When not executing on the many things keeping him busy at the farm, you can find him hanging out with his dog Moby or jetsetting to visit friends, family and new places.

Let’s learn a little more about why Alexandra and Brian are excited to join us on the farm and what they’ll bring to the table.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 7/2/15 10:13 AM

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Event Registration Software

There's a lot of planning and effort that goes into choosing a new event registration software, an essential component for making your job easier and creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. The number of legitimate options available likely exceeds your (or your team's) capacity to properly evaluate them all, let alone champion your preferred software to your company's internal decision-maker.

To help you out, we've put this post together detailing seven of the most common mistakes that event planners and professionals make when it comes time to choose their event registration software. Steer clear of these mistakes and you'll be well on your way to increasing your event ROI while making your job easier and more fun at the same time.


  Written by Elizabeth Hollister on 6/29/15 9:49 AM

NBA Draft Parties: Using Parties to Engage Fans in the Off-Season

As many arenas across the country sit empty and jumbotrons stay dark, NBA event teams continue to look for a way to engage with their respective fan bases and ticket holders. Event directors across the country are piggybacking on the upcoming NBA draft by holding draft parties to satisfy multiple objectives.


  Written by Alexandra Gibson on 6/25/15 10:17 AM

How Three Big Brands Gain Audience Credibility with Events at Comic Con

Before Comic Con was the “end all be all place” for pop culture, it was but a small comic book convention. Slowly, it grew into the massive event that it is today once Hollywood, video game studios, press outlets and others learned about the significant benefits that come with such a massive gathering of their target audience.

Like many other conferences and social gatherings of its size, Comic Con has evolved into three days that center around the convention itself, but also has a surrounding web of supporting events and parties. These events allow brands to express themselves creatively with an off-site footprint, where they can create and own in-event activations, provide entertainment, and better connect with their audience and gain credibility.

An additional perk? Many of these events are free, and several of them don’t require a conference badge to attend. This gives both raving fans and the companies that they love additional opportunities to connect.

So, why exactly do so many brands flock to San Diego to host events during Comic Con? What do they hope to get out of them, and what do they do to reach their end goal? We’ll take a look at what three companies have either done in the past or plan to do this year in order to maximize their event ROI.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/23/15 9:23 AM

Sneak Peek: #NewMediaParty Transforms Carnegie Library into a Digital Playground

Our #NewMediaParty is returning tonight to once again disrupt White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend! We're bringing together the next generation of media, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and tech leaders to celebrate what's next. 

Thanks to our NFC platform HOVER, we've successfully transformed the Carnegie Library into a digital playground! We wanted to give you, our friends of the Farm, a glimpse of the activations and other entertainment we'll be debuting tonight! 


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/24/15 11:00 AM

20 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mobile Event App

Finding the right mobile event app for your next live experience can pose a big challenge, even for the most seasoned of event planners! The number of different solutions from which to choose exceeds a planner's ability to properly evaluate them all, let alone champion your preferred software to your company internally. Though the search can seem overwhelming, a mobile event app is an essential component to your strategy, both when it comes to making your job easier and creating an unforgettable experience for your event participants. Additionally, once you’ve chosen and become familiar with your preferred solution, you’ll be able to use it to maximize all aspects of any events you may have moving forward.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/16/15 3:30 PM

3 Common Check-in Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Check-in is not only the first interaction your guests will have with your event, but it is your opportunity to set a positive tone for the entire experience. As #eventprofs ourselves, we know just how chaotic the process can become, no matter how much planning you've put behind it. Never fear! We've identified the most common challenges you'll run into and best practices on how to tackle them below: 


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/10/15 12:09 PM

How to Keep Sponsors Happy and Guests Happier

Collaborating with sponsors is an integral part of being an event professional. Finding meaningful and mutually beneficial sponsorships supports your event and helps make it a success!


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/8/15 11:24 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Market Manager Craig Harmon

  Written by Claire Channell on 4/3/15 12:57 PM

Top Tech Takeaways from Pharma Forum 2015

  Written by Claire Channell on 4/1/15 11:46 AM

Cheers to Sophie Oreck, our Farmer of the Year!

  Written by Claire Channell on 3/12/15 10:46 AM

5 Ways to Manage your VIPs like an MVP

  Written by Claire Channell on 3/3/15 10:45 AM

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Account Manager Bryce Dahnert

  Written by Claire Channell on 2/26/15 10:24 AM

How to Make "Working Remotely" Work for You

  Written by Claire Channell on 12/3/14 12:30 PM

#Eventprofs Give Thanks: Happy Thanksgiving from the Farm!

  Written by Claire Channell on 11/27/14 12:27 PM

Efficient Farming: Our 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

Let's face it... some days you get everything done while others become chaotic and productivity flys out the window.  How can you work efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis? Well, we're going to let you in on a few Farm secrets and share our favorite productivity tools that will help you stay organized (and sane)!


  Written by Claire Channell on 11/21/14 1:10 PM

How to Design a Killer Event Website

Before your event actually starts, your website is the primary point of interaction with your guests.  Use it as a platform to build awareness and excitement about your event!  Thanks to some prompting from our friends over at BizBash, we wanted to share some tips on what to include on your website to make the experience as simple and engaging as possible!


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/29/14 11:51 AM

The Farmers Disrupt Tech Crunch 2014

TechCrunch Disrupt has long been a place for forward thinking tech companies to come together to celebrate industry innovations. This year, we shook things up by unleashing our latest round of event technology that has never been seen before. By leveraging our near field communication (NFC) platform HOVER, we were able to essentially build a personalized, digital playground. Check out some of our awesome Disrupt activations below:


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/12/14 3:07 PM

5 Ways the iPhone 6 will revolutionize your events with NFC tech

All tech enthusiasts held their breath this afternoon as the "Appening" commenced. Apple unveiled some revolutionary upgrades, including the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. Even more exciting was the announcement that both of these devices would include Near Field Communication (NFC) tech!


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/9/14 4:23 PM

Attending TechCrunch Disrupt? Get ready for Event Farm's Digital Wonderland!

TechCrunch Disrupt is the meeca of start-up land, a place where emerging tech and industry messiahs converge for one of the biggest sessions of show-and-tell in Silicon Valley.


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/8/14 10:44 AM

Summer Refresh | The Original Mobile Check-in App Gets a New Look

Here on the Farm, we've spent the summer growing some pretty amazing things.  As always, our goal is to create the simplest, most enjoyable user experience possible.  With that in mind, we're excited to announce the latest version of our Mobile Check-in App for iOS 6.0 and higher.  Get an extensive preview of our new interface and features below:


  Written by Ryan Costello on 8/14/14 12:52 PM

How to Speak Event Farm | A Quick Tutorial

Here on the Farm we strive to create the simplest invite and registration experience possible. However, sometimes things get lost in translation. Whether it's the "y'all vs. you guys" debate or a mix-up on what the heck "hard coded" means...


  Written by Claire Channell on 8/5/14 1:05 PM

#Eventprof Appreciation: 5 Things we Learned from Throwing our own Event

Million dollar idea alert: there should be an official "how to" book on "what to expect when you're event producing." But on second thought, all it would say is that you never know what may happen...


  Written by Claire Channell on 7/24/14 12:30 PM

Is my invite REALLY non-transferable?

First things first... why do we even send invitations? Well, invitations provide an opportunity to brand your event, create a sense of excitement and exclusivity, and ultimately inform your guests.  Not only are invitations meant to educate and engage your audience, they're the first step in engaging that desired demographic! However, in this day and age of forwardable invitation links and Facebook events... how can you be sure your invites are going to the right people? Don't worry... we'll fill you in!


  Written by Claire Channell on 7/18/14 2:08 PM

Goodnight but not Goodbye: Engaging your Guests Post-event

All signs indicate your guests had a great time at your event... You smile and wave goodbye and that's it, right? No way! Your event is just the beginning. Maintaining that relationship with your attendees post-event is just as important as making sure you charged the tablets for check-in. Here are some great ways to engage your guests post-event:


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/10/14 12:48 PM

No More No-shows: 4 Tips on Decreasing Attendee Drop-off

Nearly every day we have clients ask, "how many invites should we send to get our target number of guests in the door?" If such an algorithm existed, it would rival the one Google uses to determine search results.  We've celebrated clients who've had a 90% check-in rate and consoled those that have had 9%.  One thing we know for certain is that the four tips below will help keep your attendee count as predictable as possible:


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/25/14 11:30 AM

5 Tablet Taboos and How to Avoid Them

It's no surprise that tablets have become a familiar sight at events. From check-in to engagement, these popular devices can improve many aspects of your event when used correctly. Here are a few things to avoid:


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/11/14 12:32 PM

Crowd Control: 4 tips for managing check-in at larger events

Over the years we've seen just about everything.  Our clients have used our app to check-in over 30,000 guests using over 50 devices at a time.  It's safe to say we've learned a thing or two when it comes to surviving a large check-in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/26/14 10:07 AM

#EventTech Mythbusters: 8 Common Misconceptions Debunked

“My event and budget are too small to need an #eventtech solution”

As fellow #eventprof Corbin Ball says, we’re in an age of “digital darwinism.”  Those who adopt event technology will not only gain a competitive edge, but will thrive in the digital age.  As technology continues to evolve, digital event solutions are becoming easier to use at a lower cost.


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/14/14 1:00 PM

From Now to WOW: 5 ways to thrill your guests with the latest #eventtech

Once coveted additions to our events, we event professionals now take reliable WiFi access and mobile event apps for granted.  These days, game changing event technology is not only expected, but demanded by hosts and guests alike. With 2013 well in the rearview, what’s next? What new event technology will reinvent the proverbial wheel?


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/7/14 11:55 AM

21st Century Branding: How to Become more than just a Logo

In an age of constant advertising, our audience has begun to filter out obvious branding. How can you rise above the noise and make an impact on your attendees? Your live events provide an opportunity to be more than just a product or service - they give you the chance to communicate the message, personality, and goals of your brand. Create an environment and experience that echoes that message.


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/28/14 11:30 AM

Love Letter to our Clients: How we've learned to build and maintain relationships

At Event Farm, one of our core values is, “build trust through service. Our vision of true service is based on honest communication that builds and fosters partnerships with our clients.”  It can be tricky but we’re going to have to call scoreboard, as 80% of first time Farmers end up as repeat clients.


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/14/14 11:29 AM

Stranger Danger: The importance of knowing your audience

As kids we learn to avoid strangers like the plague; as professionals, we know that every stranger is a potential business relationship. However, a "stranger" still poses a threat. Without knowing anything about someone, how can you effectively pursue them? From brand message to throwing events, here are just a few reasons why it is important to know your audience:


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/11/14 10:11 AM

My event is over... now what? How to get the most out of your post-event data

Congrats!  Your event is over, the guests are gone, and the dust has settled.  As your own personal party favor, you now have the privilege of sorting through the attendee and event data.  Hopefully, you had enough foresight to align your registration platform and data collection with your overarching goal to help determine that elusive event ROI.


  Written by Claire Channell on 1/31/14 9:35 AM

#Eventprofs 911: Common calls for help and how to resolve them

Even the most well-planned events are subject to event emergencies... you've prepared all you can and then suddenly, BAM, chaos hits.  Pretty frustrating, right?  With a little know-how and preparation, you'll be able to keep your cool even in the midst of an event emergency.  Here are some common crises you'll encounter, and the quickest ways to resolve them:


  Written by Claire Channell on 1/27/14 11:40 AM

Invitation Innovation: How to make your digital invites stand out!

"You're invited!" Sound familiar?

We are bombarded with invitations on a daily basis by friends and strangers alike.  Formal or casual, physical or digital, planned or spontaneous; we are constantly hearing pleas to come see that band play or to attend that 175th annual charity gala. At some point, doesn't it all just become white noise? Now more than ever, it is vital that your invitation stands out! Avoid your invitation getting lost in the proverbial mail by following these 5 tips:


  Written by Claire Channell on 1/13/14 12:03 PM

Reindeer roll call: An #eventprofs guide to all your holiday guest personas

♫♫ You've got bosses and boozers and schmoozers and plus 1s, interns and waiters and those that are no fun.....

But do you recall, the most valuable event attendees of all? ♫♫


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/20/13 2:54 PM

What NFC means for events and 7 ways it will transform yours!

Well, first things first...

What exactly is NFC (Near Field Communication)?

NFC is the newest iteration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). To get specific, NFC chips allow more data storage than just unique Radio Frequency IDs.


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/13/13 3:49 PM

No WiFi? No Worries... Run a paperless guest check-in WITHOUT Internet

The appeal of events is obvious; they engage your targeted consumer base while gathering vital data in a non-instrusive way, helping you gain valuable insights for your brand. That's why an Internet connection has been so important; WiFi allows this information to be collected and stored in real time. But what if you didn't need the Internet?


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/6/13 3:03 PM

Own the Door: 7 Ways to Pull Off your Event Check-in like a Pro

We all know that check-in is the first interaction your guests have with your event... Don't screw it up! It's your opportunity to set a positive tone for the entire shindig. Kick off your event with a bang by following these guidelines to rocking check-in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/6/13 12:09 PM

7 Deadly Sins of Email Deliverability

As modern day #eventprofs, we are surrounded by a smorgasbord of emerging event technologies that can make our lives easier, improve the guest experience, and capture data to help solve for that important "Event ROI" we're always going on about.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 11/19/13 12:18 PM

Blurred Lines: The Future of Events & Inbound Marketing

Between the track playing on repeat all summer and the fairly recent VMA controversy, is there anyone out there who doesn't recognize this "blurred lines" reference?

Those that aren't in tune by now are likely the same folks that may not yet be familiar with the concept and emergence of Inbound Marketing in the world of customer acquisition and engagement.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 11/15/13 3:40 PM

5 EventTech 2013 Takeaways... Memoirs of an #EventProf

This time, what happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas. We just got back from Event Marketer's Event Tech 2013 and let me tell you, it was good to be surrounded by people who are passionate about event technology. Discussion ranged from new tools and digital strategies, combining social media and events, making events year round communication platforms, to using digital to convert live engagement... needless to say, we were in our element. While we learned a lot during last week, here is my own personal Event Tech Love highlight reel:


  Written by Ryan Costello on 11/11/13 2:16 PM

The Panda Wins It! Event Planners Vote at BizBash IdeaFest 2013

Last week Event Farm made the pilgrimage to BizBash's IdeaFest 2013 in NYC. In years past we've recapped our experience on the floor of the canvernous Javits Center with our 5 top takeaways from the entire show, but this year we're here to share the observations made from our own corner booth...which was pretty awesome by the way.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 11/7/13 4:18 PM

Event Farm 4.0 | New Features

We are proud to announce the launch of Event Farm 4.0! Thanks to a lot of great client feedback we were able to find a number of innovative ways to improve our system. Check out some of the nifty new features we have added below:


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 8/1/13 12:30 PM

What Can Your Guests Tell You Without You Asking Any Questions?

On the surface, events are thrown to entertain guests. While that is always a main focus, hosts are looking for a more substantial outcome from the events that they throw. They need to measure ROI which ultimately means assessing how effective they were at influencing their attendees' (i.e. their current and potential customers') behavior. Data from your event can provide massive insight into understanding that behavior. For example, take the info-graphic below. It represents one of our client's recent events. For purposes of this post, we looked at the most basic metric: GUEST ARRIVAL TIMES


  Written by Ryan Costello on 7/8/13 12:30 PM

An Event Planner's Guide to Running Check-in

Here at Event Farm we pride ourselves on being check-in experts. You might have even heard of our mobile check-in app. In fact, we've worked check-in at thousands of events worldwide and have consulted with countless clients on how to streamline the process. One of our most common questions we get from clients is, "what is the best way to manage check-in?" Well, here are some tips for making check-in run smoothly at your event:


  Written by Alex Litoff on 6/27/13 12:30 PM

Then and Now: How Has Event Technology Evolved Since the 90's?

It's no secret that over the last few decades technology has continued to evolve faster and faster. Innovations have drastically changed how we lead our lives everyday.


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/25/13 12:30 PM

Meet Event Farm's new NYC Market Manager: Elizabeth Hollister

Elizabeth joins Event Farm as our NYC Market Manager. She comes to us from Plus, a hybrid boutique creative agency and production house in NYC where she worked on new business development, client services, and managed producers for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands. Plus clients include: Starwood Hotels, Kiehl's Since 1851, MAC Cosmetics, and Hudson Jeans. Prior to Plus, Elizabeth spent several years producing a variety of events from intimate VIP cocktail parties for 50 guests to weekend-long conferences and reunions for up to 8,000 attendees. Her event planning clients included the Rockefeller Family, Columbia University, the New York Public Library, and Bloomingdales. Event Farm is very excited to have Elizabeth join our team!


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/23/13 4:26 PM

9 Staff Check-in more than 6,000 people for Congressional Baseball Game

Though the inaugural pitch was thrown in 1909, the beloved Congressional Baseball Game for Charity has been played only intermittently since 1914 due to complications such as the Great Depression, WWII, and the notion that the competition proved to be a distraction from work. However, in 1962, the tradition was revived, giving the public the chance to cheer on their Congressmen while they participate in a true All-American pastime. Well, the 2013 Congressional Baseball Game for Charity was no different. While the Republicans and Democrats prepared to battle it out on the diamond, we at Event Farm were ready and waiting to welcome their throngs of fans at the entrance gates.


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/18/13 4:10 PM

5 Things You Didn't Know Mark Your Email As Spam

If you've ever tried researching the elusive topic of email deliverability and SPAM, you probably ended up confused and ultimately no better off. The frustration likely compounded if you spoke to the many self-proclaimed “email deliverability experts” that charge huge fees and can’t guarantee success! For the sanity of our clients, we set out to solve this mystery. Believe us, it's not easy. Google searches don't tell the whole story. After tireless digging, this is what we unearthed.


  Written by Brennan McReynolds on 6/11/13 12:30 PM

Meet Event Farm's new Director of Innovation: Anthony Stellato

Anthony comes to Event Farm from Arnold Worldwide's R&D Lab, where he led the development effort of digital activation projects for clients such as: American Eagle, Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack, Progressive, Truth, Legacy, Dell, Aetna, Santander, and the University of Phoenix.


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/4/13 2:51 PM

4 Takeaways from BizBash IdeaFest 2012

1) Photobooths, Photobooths and more Photobooths

We've lost count of how many variations of the modern photobooth we've now seen. This can only mean 1 thing....events like photos. Why? They're fun! And today they are a powerful way to make your event more social. The best booths we've seen integrate easily with social media platforms (Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc) which allows attendees to share their event experience with their social networks and therefore exposing the event to more people. We're most inspired by solutions with simplistic interfaces that require limited operator help. Fun props for attendees to look foolish a must!


  Written by Claire Channell on 10/24/12 2:51 PM

Event Farm at 2012 Conventions

Hopefully you had a great summer! We wanted to share some thoughts from our most recent work producing events at the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions as we think there are some valuable takeaways.


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/27/12 2:19 PM

Can Event Farm influence the 2012 Presidential Election?

While we didn't set out to answer that question initially, it is now clear that Event Farm will leave its mark on the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Don't worry, we're not crazy enough to think that Event Farm will sway voters per se, but we do believe that a more effective RNC and DNC can give both parties a stronger voice on the campaign trail.


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/12/12 2:05 PM

Post PLANNERTECH Perspective

Two weeks ago... amidst the franticness of Internet Week NY, nestled away in the intimate downstairs level of Heartland Brewery gathered #eventprofs from across the city to share and discuss the latest in event planning technology. PLANNERTECH is it’s appropriately named is the creation of Liz King, master of connecting and curator of bringing together not only some of the most exciting tech companies in the events space but also their competitors all in the name of sharing and making events easier for planners and attendees.


  Written by Claire Channell on 5/28/12 2:05 PM

Awards Season 2012: A Reflection

For most people, awards season is about watching hours of red carpet coverage and predicting who is going to win Best Picture. But for those of us in the events industry, we know that awards season is a whole lot more. To execute a successful event during this time takes no less than perfect planning in combination with the right people and the right tools. As another awards season comes to a close, we tend to look back and reflect on what worked this year... and what didn't.


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/8/12 2:01 PM

Siri for President? How can the iPhone's new personal assistant change the world?

In just a few months, Siri has become the most successful voice recognition tool for consumers we have ever seen. I guess its not all together surprising that this an Apple product. As usual, they did it right. Siri is fun, simple, and efficient. Recently in a brainstorming session at Event Farm we began to consider the possibilities of Apple releasing an API allowing developers to integrate and leverage this technology. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could have Siri shop online for us? She would know our sizes, know what we like, and even have our credit information and shipping addresses. Could Siri order pizza for take out? Could she pay our bills? Could she become the candidate the Republicans are so desperately seeking?! Well that's pretty far off at this point but you get our point. We believe that voice recognition software has the ability to completely change the world we know and live today.


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/3/12 1:53 PM

Why NYC Leads the Events Market: What They're Doing Right and What Can We Learn From Them?

They are always at the forefront of technology


The New York City market is one of the fastest to adapt new technology and jump on board with new features and functionality. And in this industry, there's a suprisingly large amount of it out there right now. From mobile check-in apps to RFID tags to paperless ticketing, the list is endless.


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/12/12 1:34 PM

Saying "Non-Transferable" Doesn't Make an Invite "Non-Transferable"

We've seen a lot of the old "Please don't forward this invite" and the "RSVP at RSVP@myBrandedEvent.com" lines at the bottom of an invitation email. Both these lines point to missed opportunities and extra work that Event Farm specifically addresses, let's see how:


  Written by Claire Channell on 1/23/12 1:19 PM

Why Event Branding will be Even More Important in 2012

As our consumer brains generate filters against the over-saturation and anonymity of virtual branding, offline events have never been as important as they are today.Companies who prioritize online advertising might sometimes be missing out on the branding-potential and rewards of live events. And for the companies that do produce live events, the importance of effectively communicating the brand has dramatically increased.


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/26/11 1:19 PM

Event Farm Powers PUBSLUSH Launch Party

This week we highlight one of our clients, PUBSLUSH Press. The New York based publishing startup had a fabulous event at The Bowery Hotel in New York City. The Journey Through Africa event served both as PUBSLUSH's launch and as a fundraiser for Flying Kites, a non-profit focusing currently on building in Kenya the Flying Kites Leadership Academy.


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/8/11 1:08 PM

New Year's Eve Event Planning is Underway. Here's Advice on how to be Successful.

It took me by surprise when, last week, my friend asked me what my plans were for New Year’s Eve. But the leaves are changing, it’s getting colder, and the days are getting shorter - which means only one thing. It’s time to start thinking about what I’m going to do on December 31st.


  Written by Claire Channell on 11/1/11 12:55 PM

5 Takeaways from the 2011 BizBash Expo

The 2011 BizBash Expo and Awards was held this past Wednesday at the Javits Center in New York City. It was great to be an exhibitor for the first time. On a personal level we could not be happier with the reception Event Farm received and the success we had showcasing our mobile check-in app. But taking a more objective look for a minute, 5 things stayed with us as we reflected on the Expo, the planners we met, and the conversations we had:


  Written by Claire Channell on 10/20/11 12:37 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.3.5!

Our flagship web product, Event Farm, received a update to version 2.3.5 today. The main things in this update include the following:


  Written by Claire Channell on 10/17/11 12:34 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.3.1!

The Event Farm Mobile Check-In App was released today with a minor bug fix on the Filters screen to include a missing file from the previous version. In addition, the screenshots for the latest version of the updated in the App Store to reflect the latest look of the App itself.


  Written by Claire Channell on 10/16/11 12:29 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.3.0!

Event Farm Mobile Check-In App adds a highly request feature in the latest release, 2.3.0.

Included in this release :


  Written by Claire Channell on 10/11/11 12:26 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.2.0!

Event Farm Mobile Check-In App is updated to version 2.2.0 with a much more attractive layout for the iPhone as well as a fix for a minor problem in our last release. The new design for the iPhone improves on the market leading application by making the interface easier to read and use than ever before.

Included in this release :


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/14/11 12:21 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.1.0!

Event Farm Mobile Check-In App receives an update to version 2.1.0 with the best feature to date, customizable background images.  Users of the app can work with Event Farm by customizing the background images for any or all of their events.  The new backgrounds will work on both the iPad and iPhone.  For more information about the custom background images or other features in the app, please give us a call.


  Written by Claire Channell on 8/23/11 12:17 PM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 2.0.0!

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application can be used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System or can be used on its own for users that simply want to upload a guest list.


  Written by Claire Channell on 8/11/11 12:12 PM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.2.0!

Event Farm received a major upgrade today to version 2.2.0. We always take pride in our ability to hear and understand our clients' needs and the majority of the updates in this upgrade are a reflection of that commitment.  Included in this update :


  Written by Claire Channell on 5/31/11 11:59 AM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 1.0.4!

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application is used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System. The app is free and allows Event Farm users with a license for the Event Farm system to check in guests at events quickly and efficiently. The application allows users to log into their Event Farm accounts, check-in guests, leave behind tickets for others, and view notes about individual guests as well as trigger "Arrival Alert" emails that email users when specific guest(s) have checked in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 5/11/11 11:55 AM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 1.0.3!

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application is used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System.  The app is free and allows Event Farm users with a license for the Event Farm system to check in guests at events quickly and efficiently.  The application allows users to log into their Event Farm accounts, check-in guests, leave behind tickets for others, and view notes about individual guests as well as trigger "Arrival Alert" emails that email users when specific guest(s) have checked in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/26/11 11:46 AM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 1.0.2!

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application is used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System. The app is free and allows Event Farm users with a license for the Event Farm system to check in guests at events quickly and efficiently. The application allows users to log into their Event Farm accounts, check-in guests, leave behind tickets for others, and view notes about individual guests as well as trigger "Arrival Alert" emails that email users when specific guest(s) have checked in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/29/11 11:38 AM

Release of the Mobile Check-in App, Version 1.0.1!

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application is used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System. The app is free and allows Event Farm users with a license for the Event Farm system to check in guests at events quickly and efficiently.


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/14/11 11:34 AM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.1.1!

Event Farm received a minor update today to version 2.1.1.  The majority of the changes in this update improve the client's control over their Event's Guests in our system.  Included in this update :


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/1/11 11:30 AM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.1.0!

Event Farm received a major upgrade today to version 2.1.0. We always take pride in our ability to hear and understand our clients' needs and the majority of the updates in this upgrade are a reflection of that commitment.


  Written by Claire Channell on 1/16/11 11:24 AM

Release of Mobile Check-in App, Version 1.0.0

The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application is used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System.  The app is free and allows Event Farm users with a license for the Event Farm system to check in guests at events quickly and efficiently.  The application allows users to log into their Event Farm accounts, check-in guests, leave behind tickets for others, and view notes about individual guests as well as trigger "Arrival Alert" emails that email users when specific guest(s) have checked in.


  Written by Claire Channell on 12/22/10 11:23 AM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.0.4!

Event Farm received a minor update today to version 2.0.4.  The majority of the changes in this update improve the client's control over the Event in our system.  Included in this update :


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/19/10 11:19 AM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.0.3!

Event Farm received a minor update today to version 2.0.3.  The majority of the changes in this update improve the graphical user interface (GUI) of the product to support better browser capability.  Included in this update :


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/17/10 11:15 AM

Event Farm upgrades to Version 2.0.2

Event Farm received a minor update today to version 2.0.2. Included in this update :


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/13/10 11:10 AM

Event Farm Grows to Version 2.0.1!

Event Farm received a minor update today to version 2.0.1. The majority of the changes in this update are in response to our clients' requests after our release of the newest version of Event Farm. Included in this update:


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/9/10 11:40 AM

Announcing the Release of Event Farm 2.0!

We are pleased to announce the release of Event Farm 2.0! Yup, we've spent the summer cleaning up the farm and adding to it. Better yet, if you are already an Event Farmer, your account will automatically be upgraded for free!


  Written by Claire Channell on 9/5/10 11:05 AM


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