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Guest Post on 4/20/17 11:19 AM



This is a guest post by Jermaine Reyes, Content Marketing Manager at Uberflip

As a marketer, I’ve always approached events as an inevitability. There’s no way around them. The planning, management and execution of events is a core competency that every marketer needs to have in their toolbelt. But, admittedly, the process of planning and hosting an event is not my favorite because events feel risky. There’s little room for mistakes. And if you do make a mistake, your event’s guests and participants will notice. Beyond noticing, they’ll remember.

Yet it’s these little, stress-inducing details that make the whole of an event greater than the sum of its parts. As an event marketer, you aim to provide the best experience possible for your prospects, customers, and attendees. You want the lead-up, beginning, middle, end, and post-event follow-up to be seamless. You want to get everything right, to the point where your event and those who are there to commingle and flow.


Despite my personal anxieties regarding events, I know that as a marketing tactic, they’re not going anywhere soon. Recent forecasts put the percentage of virtual/ hybrid events at only 26% this year,  and that among event pros,  only 13% admitted they’re  likely use virtual reality technology. Technology can supplement, but never replace, the need for genuine, personal connection. We can automate some event processes, but we can never altogether eliminate the unique qualities of face-to-face encounters and in-person events.

What we can do is enrich the event experience with content that aligns with the audience and the buyer’s journey. As a strategic marketer, content is your segue into building a long-term relationship with your participants and attendees. So, when planning your events, it’s best to think of content in lockstep with how your audience will be engaged: from first-touch as invitees, all the way through to the in-event experience and post-event follow-up. Think about how your content can be tailored and delivered to attendees in order to further engage with them throughout the event lifecycle.

As you’re generating content experiences for your attendees, there are some general questions you should keep in mind, such as:

  • Does this content address my event’s audience and each of my buyer personas?
  • Is the content relevant to their broader interests, while still within the bounds of their industry’s language?
  • Does it address them as buyers with pain points?
  • Am I demonstrating thought leadership in creating content that’s both compelling and educational?
  • Have I placed my content at the appropriate stage of the buyer’s journey—at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel?
  • Have I selected the appropriate medium and tactics for this particular buyer? Do they prefer whitepapers over video, or events over blogs? Or a combination?

The answers to these questions will form the basis of how you fuse the content experience with your event experience. When done right, your audience will see them as indistinguishable, where the content experience is part of the event itself.

In much the same way that the glow of devices are commonplace at the concerts of our favorite artists, technology can help capture a moment,  share it,  and amplify its mood. Or, in my case, content is that added layer of padding to help cope with the risks that accompany doing events (or anything of importance, for that matter) really, really well.

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