Event Farm Partners with Snapchat: Geofilters Add a New Layer of Attendee Data

Sarah Friedman on 4/28/17 10:44 AM


At Event Farm, we pride ourselves on continually bringing innovation to the event marketing industry. Today we’re excited to announce that Event Farm has been selected as a partner by Snapchat to help streamline the purchasing of geofilters for event marketers.

The combination of Event Farm’s event marketing technology with Snapchat’s social sharing capabilities and analytics will enable companies to uncover deeper guest insight—and increase brand reach, especially with younger audiences.

How Snapchat's Geofilters Benefit Event Marketers

Until now, Snapchat has been a largely underutilized platform in the event marketing industry. The use of geofilters at events adds a new layer of customized engagement for attendees and a new layer of behavioral guest data for organizers.

Snap, Inc. announced this week that it will open its API to a very select group of preferred partners (including Event Farm), allowing brands to purchase location-based Snapchat filters from within third-party software tools and platforms.  

Snapchat partners will now be able to help companies manage campaign spend, execute the design implementation of the geofiliters, aggregate data and extract insights from users. This means total control over geofilter messaging, design customization, and time and location settings of the filters.

“We see a huge opportunity not only to help companies more easily integrate Snapchat into their events and experiences, but also to empower marketers to extract richer behavioral insights from their targeted audiences,” Ryan Costello, Event Farm CEO and co-founder, said in a statement released by Snap earlier this week.

Geofilter Data Event Marketers Should Leverage

While the product is still in early BETA, this functionality will offer new metrics for marketers to leverage and track:

  • Total Filters: This metric will keep a count of all geofilters that are ready to leverage and promote at events.
  • Total Filters Activate: Real-time tally of all geofilters currently in use at an event.
  • Views: Get an understanding of how far your brand reaches. Views shows how many people view snaps or snap stories and the demographic of those users.
  • Conversions: This number will clue you into the filters that are most popular with your attendees. Conversions keep count of how many times an attendee chooses one of your geofilters, and which filter has the best performance.
  • Impressions: Discover the total number of eyes on your geofilter. The impressions stat illustrates how many times someone swipes and sees your filter.
  • Linkable Filters: Over time, linkable filters will enable businesses to measure digital actions taken by users while interacting with geofilters.
  • Attributable Actions: Track how increased engagement with geofilters can provide insights from your audience in different stages of your funnel (leads, prospects, customers, etc.).

We’re excited to be the first and only event marketing platform to be a part of this program. As the geofilter API capabilities continue to expand, Event Farm is your best resource for leveraging Snapchat as part of your event and experiential marketing efforts.

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