How Events Help Build Brands and Drive Revenue

Event marketing technologies are making it easier and easier to calculate your event’s ROI, but events can also help your company build a more elusive asset whose exact value is difficult to determine: a brand. Despite the difficulty marketers face in assigning a precise value to their brand, building a strong brand that resonates with consumers can be incredibly powerful in generating overall value for a company. 


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 9/12/16 7:41 PM

10 Brand-Sponsored Holiday Events & Exhibitions in 2015

We’re well into what many call “the most wonderful time of the year:” the December holiday season. This festive period between Thanksgiving and the beginning of January tends to be a high season for events, ranging from holiday parties to nationwide celebrations that can attract thousands of participants or viewers. As a result, many brands and companies choose to sponsor certain events, or partner with the event hosts, in order to accomplish a variety of goals, including increasing brand recognition, raising awareness for a charity or a cause, generating sales and revenue, giving back to the community and more.

We’ve profiled 10 different ways that brands are making the most of their holiday season by sponsoring festive events and exhibitions throughout the country. Read on to learn how these organizations are getting their names out there this holiday season, as well as how they’re benefitting by doing so.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 12/10/15 2:13 PM


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