7 Annual Event Marketing Conferences To Attend

As event professionals, we’re true believers in the importance of in-person events and interactions. So, it might not come a surprise that we strongly endorse attending an event marketing conference (or several) as one of the best things you can do for the future of your business, even during a time in which many professionals are choosing to keep their interactions with their peers online and allocate their conference budget elsewhere.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/11/16 11:00 AM

8 Unique Ways to Engage Your Attendees with Technology

Attention is one of the scarcest resources of the 21st century. Our attendees have more competition for their attention than ever before, which means that marketing is more difficult and keeping them engaged on site is challenging, too. So, what can we do as event planners to make our events engaging?


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/19/16 6:34 PM

18 Metrics You Must Track at Your Next Trade Show Site

As we covered in our Smarter Trade Shows webinar with Event Guidance’s Kurt Sabin, today’s successful event marketers use technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth monitoring to acquire important information on attendee behaviors. This is important because it helps them better track and measure their event ROI and become smarter about how and where they’re spending money on trade shows, conferences and similar exhibits.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/1/16 4:07 PM

Experiential Marketing of the Future: Bringing the Internet of Things to Experiences

We're beyond thrilled to announce today that Event Farm has acquired ClearHart Tech! With this acquisition, we're launching our company forward into the future of experiential marketing by bringing the Internet of Things to experiences.

ClearHart Tech is an innovation agency that leverages emerging event technology and non-traditional marketing solutions to bridge online and offline. Featured on Bloomberg TV and named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2013, ClearHart’s work has ranged from leading edge tech startups to Fortune 500 companies in North and South America. Co-Founders Erica Mannherz and Clara de Soto are joining the Event Farm team as part of the acquisition.

We're especially excited to have the ClearHart team on board, as they have considerable experience in NFC/RFID and wearable event technology. With this expertise, they'll be able to expand Event Farm's product offering with a suite of plug-and-play tools that, as previously mentioned, bring the Internet of Things to live events and experiences.

Let's learn a little bit more about what Clara and Erica have done previously in the experiential marketing space, and what they're looking forward to accomplishing with us here on the Farm.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/22/15 8:45 AM

How Three Big Brands Gain Audience Credibility with Events at Comic Con

Before Comic Con was the “end all be all place” for pop culture, it was but a small comic book convention. Slowly, it grew into the massive event that it is today once Hollywood, video game studios, press outlets and others learned about the significant benefits that come with such a massive gathering of their target audience.

Like many other conferences and social gatherings of its size, Comic Con has evolved into three days that center around the convention itself, but also has a surrounding web of supporting events and parties. These events allow brands to express themselves creatively with an off-site footprint, where they can create and own in-event activations, provide entertainment, and better connect with their audience and gain credibility.

An additional perk? Many of these events are free, and several of them don’t require a conference badge to attend. This gives both raving fans and the companies that they love additional opportunities to connect.

So, why exactly do so many brands flock to San Diego to host events during Comic Con? What do they hope to get out of them, and what do they do to reach their end goal? We’ll take a look at what three companies have either done in the past or plan to do this year in order to maximize their event ROI.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/23/15 9:23 AM

How to Keep Sponsors Happy and Guests Happier

Collaborating with sponsors is an integral part of being an event professional. Finding meaningful and mutually beneficial sponsorships supports your event and helps make it a success!


  Written by Claire Channell on 4/8/15 11:24 AM

#Eventprof Appreciation: 5 Things we Learned from Throwing our own Event

Million dollar idea alert: there should be an official "how to" book on "what to expect when you're event producing." But on second thought, all it would say is that you never know what may happen...


  Written by Claire Channell on 7/24/14 12:30 PM

Goodnight but not Goodbye: Engaging your Guests Post-event

All signs indicate your guests had a great time at your event... You smile and wave goodbye and that's it, right? No way! Your event is just the beginning. Maintaining that relationship with your attendees post-event is just as important as making sure you charged the tablets for check-in. Here are some great ways to engage your guests post-event:


  Written by Claire Channell on 6/10/14 12:48 PM

From Now to WOW: 5 ways to thrill your guests with the latest #eventtech

Once coveted additions to our events, we event professionals now take reliable WiFi access and mobile event apps for granted.  These days, game changing event technology is not only expected, but demanded by hosts and guests alike. With 2013 well in the rearview, what’s next? What new event technology will reinvent the proverbial wheel?


  Written by Claire Channell on 3/7/14 11:55 AM

Love Letter to our Clients: How we've learned to build and maintain relationships

At Event Farm, one of our core values is, “build trust through service. Our vision of true service is based on honest communication that builds and fosters partnerships with our clients.”  It can be tricky but we’re going to have to call scoreboard, as 80% of first time Farmers end up as repeat clients.


  Written by Claire Channell on 2/14/14 11:29 AM


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