2 New Social Media Hacks to Improve Audience Engagement and Insights

As social media platforms fight to stay both innovative and relevant, they must come up with new ways to add value to their loyal users and entice newcomers to their services. Two of the industry giants, Facebook and Twitter, just announced new feature updates that will be hugely beneficial to event professionals and marketers, as well as event audiences and attendees, across the globe. Read on to learn how these new updates to Facebook and Twitter will make your social media-related event marketing tasks better than before!


  Written by Brian Pesin on 6/30/16 3:44 PM

4 Ways To Use Pinterest To Plan and Promote Your Event

Left in the shadows of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is an often-forgotten yet powerful network that should have a space in every event planner’s social toolbox.

While other media platforms are known for their ability to promote brands, products and events online, Pinterest is an effective tool for helping event marketers with their behind-the-scenes planning and brainstorming work. A Pinner’s ability to search through relevant content and curate boards of inspiration makes the platform useful for inspiring creativity and improving organization—and it has the added benefit of increasing event and brand awareness along the way.


  Written by Lauren Taylor on 6/27/16 3:49 PM

10 Ideas to Supercharge Your Event with Social Media

This is a guest post from Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at Ultimate Experience in the UK. Thanks for your contribution, Dan!

Social media is no longer some secret weapon for promoting your event. Just about every event planner uses social media to some degree. It’s more of a matter of how it’s being used that’s relevant. If you’re like most people that only use it for sending a few posts and pics here and there, then you are vastly underutilizing the full extent of social media.

Here are 10 ways to put a little “umph” into your event promotion using the full power of social networks.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 5/24/16 11:52 AM

6 Tips to Rock Your Event Marketing Strategy with Snapchat

If you consider yourself tech-savvy and like keeping up on social trends, then you are likely very familiar with Snapchat, the latest social network to take the world – especially the elusive millennial demographic – by storm. If, by chance, you’re unfamiliar, at its core, Snapchat is a social network that allows users to either send text, picture and video messages to one another that “expire” after a set amount of time, or post them to their “story,” which allows anybody that follows him or her to view that message for the next 24 hours.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 4/27/16 8:37 PM

How Snapchat Upped Its Event Engagement Game with On-Demand Geofilters

Have you been paying attention to social networks’ product announcements as of late? If so, you may have noticed that many networks have released features specifically geared towards events. For example, Facebook revamped their Events tool in November of last year and made it much more useful and user friendly in the process, and Twitter introduced their event targeting feature to make it easier for marketers to engage their audience during global events. These updates benefit event organizers, attendees and the social platforms alike, as they drive greater engagement for both the event and the network at hand. So, we weren’t surprised when Snapchat recently announced a new feature to help make it a more official part of special events: new on-demand geofilters.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 2/23/16 7:51 PM

10 Tips to Rock Your Event Marketing Strategy with Twitter

Social media platforms have long been part of any successful event organizer’s arsenal of marketing tools, and services like Twitter have continued to grow in popularity along with real-time marketing tactics as a whole. Second only to Facebook as the most useful social network for event marketers (which barely took first place with 37% of the vote as opposed to Twitter’s 36%) in this study, Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for marketing and promoting events due to the ease with which event marketers can engage and connect with attendees and prospects in real time. The social network is also cited as the most important social network for event marketers during an event, which likely won’t surprise you if you’ve attended an event and have sought ways to connect with fellow attendees and the brand behind it all for a richer overall experience.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 1/28/16 5:17 PM

The Dos and Don'ts of Instagram for Event Marketing

Two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have been part of a successful event marketer's social toolbox and strategy for many years now. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for newer platforms, such as Instagram, which has seen a rise in popularity and presence in event marketing processes and at live events, especially as the importance of mobile at events continues to rise daily. Many brands and event planners use the platform to increase event awareness and reach, drive conversations, deepen interactions with attendees, and of course, provide long-lasting visual representations and memories of an event, even long after the venue's doors come to a close.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/18/15 8:45 PM

8 Ways to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is arguably the most dominant social network for businesses and professionals, many event planners don’t take full advantage of the many benefits the network provides when it comes to event marketing. While it’s true that LinkedIn shut down their Events feature, a vital one for B2B marketers, at the end of 2012, there are still many ways that event marketers can use the business-oriented network to attract top-quality attendees and expand their next live experience’s reach.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 11/5/15 6:02 PM

10 Ways to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy with Facebook

Social media has done a lot to change the way event marketers approach their events throughout all stages of the planning and marketing processes. According to a study, the majority of marketers use real-time marketing tactics like social media to promote their events and engage their target audiences, which shows that social networks have true sticking power in the events space.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 9/30/15 5:00 PM

Why We're #Excited for Twitter's Event Targeting Feature

It’s no secret that event marketers across the globe continue to become increasingly reliant on social media to help execute their pre-, during and post-event engagement strategy. In fact, according to a recent study from FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute, the majority of event marketers (53%) plan on increasing their social media spend, and the same percentage plans on increasing their use of these tools to measure the viral impact of their events.

When it comes to measuring the efficacy of specific social channels, Twitter holds strong as one of the top two effective social media channels for measuring the viral impact of an event, and has been cited as the most effective when it comes to on-site interactions. In fact, another study from Regalix found that a whopping 91% of B2B marketers use social media networks like Twitter to engage both attendees and those who weren’t able to make it while their events are taking place. Additionally, when it comes to choosing the single most effective channel for, Twitter and Facebook were almost exactly equal, with 36% and 37% of the overall vote, respectively.

With all of this in mind, event marketers should be incredibly excited about the release of Twitter’s new event targeting feature, as live events typically attract massive audience on the service. Event targeting on Twitter will help brands better reach their desired target audience, which engages with live events on the popular social network.


  Written by Brian Pesin on 7/29/15 11:20 PM


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