Update from the Farm: Introducing OfflineInsights™

Sarah Friedman on 3/20/17 7:00 AM


Events introduce new leads to your company, provide opportunities to close business, and help tailor conversations with your prospects and customers. Simply put, events are a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy. 

But the effort it takes to plan events can be high, and the costs can be even higher. For that kind of investment, just like all your other marketing channels, you need to be able to prove that your time and money are well spent.  

Is your company able to measure the business impact of event spend... right now?

With OfflineInsights by Event Farm, now you can. 

We are extremely excited to announce our new suite of integrations and reporting, designed for marketers to accurately attribute revenue created and influenced by events.

“We believe the market has massively underestimated the complexity of building robust integrations with CRMs and marketing automation tools,” said Ryan Costello, CEO of Event Farm. “This is not something you check off a list and say you have. We are incredibly excited to launch the most robust suite of integrations that truly addresses marketer's needs and helps them accurately measure the ROI of their events.”

OfflineInsights provides marketers and event professionals with the tools they need to integrate event data with the rest of their sales and marketing metrics and maintain data integrity in an easy, fool-proof platform. Event Farm’s Salesforce integration was built with everyone in mind, and the interface is designed for Salesforce experts and non-experts alike. Integration set-up is simple, straightforward and highly flexible, giving the end user total control and confidence that rules and mappings will be exactly what they need.

Ultimately, this enables marketers to exchange powerful event data with their systems of record to define lead source and build event data into lead scoring and workflows for timely, relevant follow- up.

With our new OfflineInsights Salesforce offering, event marketers can:

  • Measure event effectiveness: See new leads from events right in your sales and marketing databases with a lead source properly attributed to your event, giving you the ability to reach new prospects in a timely manner. Identify how your events influence existing leads and opportunities by showing an attribution point.

  • Maintain total data control and autosync capabilities: Get very granular about what information syncs between Event Farm and your databases to maintain the highest degree of data quality for all of your contacts. Eliminate manual data entry with real time updates, so you never miss an opportunity to engage leads at the right time.

  • Uncover deeper attendee insights: Gain important context about your leads and contacts for highly relevant post-event conversations and revenue opportunities.

  • Validate event channels: Take the guesswork out of event revenue attribution by easily identifying closed business as a result of event efforts. Most businesses spend over 40% of their marketing budget on events; prove that is money well-spent.

OfflineInsights is now available for all existing Pro and Premier Event Farm customers, and is available to be added to Intro and new accounts. For more information, request a demo, or reach out to your dedicated customer success manager.
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