Welcome to the Farm! Meet Greg Kantziper and Gevik Valijani

Lauren Taylor on 12/29/16 10:08 AM


Earlier this week we introduced Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff, but we have even more recent additions to the Farm we'd like to introduce today: Greg Kantziper and Gevik Valijani. 

Greg, a Sales Development Representative, is based out of our DC office, while Gevik, an Android Developer, is based in our sunny Santa Monica headquarters. Greg and Gevik have been at the Farm for less than a month, but—as seems to be a trend among new Farmers— have already made an impact. Keep reading to learn more about what drove them to the Farm and what excites them about the future of the event marketing industry. 

greg-kantziper.jpgGREG KANTZIPER

1) What drove you to Event Farm?
The leadership’s vision and the other Farmers. When I spoke to Chad (our EVP of Sales) on the phone for the first time, I asked him what the difference was between Event Farm and the competition. I was immediately sold on the product as I knew it was something I could get behind and be passionate about. Engaging with potential clients without emotional conviction, to me, is not particularly exciting or fulfilling. I am always in search of an opportunity to challenge myself career-wise and Event Farm’s goals and expectations lined up perfectly with what I value.

2) In terms of industry evolution, what excites you the most about how events are changing right now?
Having been a cog in coordinating an event in the past, I have experienced the excitement and frustration of what came along with that task. The event we planned ended up going very well but after all was said and done, we wondered what we actually gained from it. Having that knowledge is the game changer. The ability to gain actionable data from what was previously the ‘wild west’ pen-and-paper solution leads to the right people and the right conversations. Nearly every industry is moving towards a data-driven approach to gain more insight into what is happening with their money. That’s what excites me most about the changes coming into the event management space.

3) Everyone at Event Farm adopts a "farm" nickname. What is yours and why?
The Beat Farmer. One, because it’s a play on words and two, because I absolutely love my music. You can find me in the zone, earbuds in, listening to artists I’ve never even heard of on shuffle because of Spotify’s (shout out to Spotify) fantastic stations.

gevik-valijani.jpgGEVIK VALIJANI

1) What drove you to Event Farm?
I am really proud that I joined the Event Farm team. From the first day I felt like I was a part of the family. Also, as a mobile developer, it is nice to see that the product I am working on will be used by our clients, and the feeling that the product will have a positive impact on our society makes me want to be part of the Event Farm family.

2) What excites you the most about how events are changing right now?
As a mobile developer, it is exciting to see that everything is moving toward mobile technology, and it is also interesting to see how traditional event checking is going away because of our technology.

3) What is your "farm" nickname? Why?
The Mechanic, because I like to fix problems. 


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