Welcome to the Farm! Meet Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff

Lauren Taylor on 12/27/16 9:52 AM



cricket-1.jpgThere have been a lot of exciting changes at the Farm recently, and we'd like to introduce two of the newest additions to our DC office: Ryan Speaker, Customer Support Specialist, and Steph Shuff, Sales Development Representative. 

Ryan and Steph have been at the Farm for about a month, and they've already proven themselves to be valuable members of the team. Not only have they quickly and effectively adapted to their roles in the Sales and Customer Success teams, they've also added new, exciting energy to the office. Between Ryan's deadpan jokes and Steph's go-getter attitude (not to mention her dog, Cricket!), we're happy to welcome them to Event Farm and to introduce both of them to you! Keep reading to learn more about what drove them to the Farm and what excites them about the future of the event marketing industry.

ryan-speaker.jpgRYAN SPEAKER

1) What drove you to Event Farm?
I was really impressed by the people working in the DC office. I wanted to work somewhere that not only had smart, motivated, and excited employees, but a place that put their customers at the center of their focus. And it was really clear to me everyone in the office wants to find better, smarter ways to enable our customers. I find that attitude and culture to be deeply motivating, and I hope I can advance the work they are already doing!

2) In terms of industry evolution, what excites you the most about how events are changing right now?
It might sound cliché, but technology has completely transformed our lives in the last decade, with the creation of the modern smartphone. And for many years, having a computer in your pocket, with access to news and movies and social media, had alienating effects, with people getting “lost” in their phones. Companies are now finding ways to create experiences augmented by technology, which is pulling us out of our phones a little bit and engaging us in new ways. That's pretty exciting.

3) Everyone at Event Farm adopts a "farm" nickname. What is yours and why?
I’ve always admired the donkey. The donkey is not a well-loved animal, but it is strong, reliable, and plays an important role in agricultural settings. The donkey also has a strong sense of self - he knows what direction he wants to go in. Some call it stubbornness, but I like to think of it as confidence.

steph-shuff.jpgSTEPH SHUFF

1) What drove you to Event Farm? 
The people and the product. I heard about Event Farm through a chance meeting with a member of the executive team. Brennan's energy, as well as the energy of the people I met during my interview process, was infectious. It's clear that this is a group of really smart, passionate, forward thinking people. Once I learned more about the product itself, I was convinced it was a perfect place for me. As a sales rep, my skills are applicable to most products. What really drew me to Event Farm was the people and the product. I knew it was a product I would love to tell the world about, with a group of people that would be fun to work with.

2) What excites you the most about how events are changing right now?
I love the way that technology innovation can change and add depth to the way we interact at live events. I'm fascinated by the concept of layering the virtual world and the real world to create better events and more memorable experiences. I'm a futurist nerd at heart and spent the past seven years in technology hardware development and retail. The opportunity to use augmented and virtual reality technologies to create truly interactive experiences is something I love to think about. Imagine a live event with a digital world layered on top of it, and all of the guests are interacting with physical and virtual collateral simultaneously. Think about all the new information we can gather, track, analyze, and use to make things even better.

I'm also fascinated by how event technology can disrupt the retail space. Imagine blending online and brick and mortar shopping, where you can 3D print new clothes and or products to buy on the spot, that are custom made for you. Or you could try on a garment and have it tailored and shipped to your house based on real fit. There are so many opportunities to take the best of both worlds, online and in-store shopping, and create custom retail experiences for every shopper. 

3) What is your Event Farm nickname? Why?
Probably the Futurist Farmer. I have all kinds of wacky ideas about virtual realities, and parallel worlds, and space travel, and harnessing energies that we don't even know exist yet. I'm fascinated by the idea that the world we're living in is actually a simulation, that we're all kind of wandering around in some virtual matrix. I blame all the books I read as a kid - lots of Stephen King, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell. My imagination is really limitless and paradoxically, seems to just get wilder as I age.


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