Can Event Farm influence the 2012 Presidential Election?


While we didn’t set out to answer that question initially, it is now clear that Event Farm will leave its mark on the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Don’t worry, we’re not crazy enough to think that Event Farm will sway voters per se, but we do believe that a more effective RNC and DNC can give both parties a stronger voice on the campaign trail.

Having been to several political conventions over the years, I’ve come to know the scene well. It’s an amazing opportunity to interact with our political leaders outside the beltway, the celebrities and A-list parties are great, and the dozens of corporate and non-profit leaders that turn up are inspiring. But for lots of convention attendees the experience turns into a week of chaos, exhaustion and ultimately a waste of time. Trust me I’ve been there. You spend so much time tracking down your tickets to events, finding people to meet up with, and struggling for access to parties that there isn’t any time left to actually experience the convention.

We asked ourselves: How can we make this better? Can we create mobile apps for attendees to have all their tickets and invites on their phones? Can we provide event planners a better invitation and ticketing solution? Can we somehow connect hundreds of independent events and thousands of people into a single digital experience? Yes. Yes. Yes.

So about 8 months ago we began working on a solution. And with the help of our partner, Bloomberg Government, it’s becoming a reality. We have a free software solution for event planners to completely customize their own invitation/ticketing system, distribute tickets in block to sponsors, run will call onsite, etc. We have free mobile apps (iOS, Droid, and Blackberry) for attendees to download and automatically build their calendar for the week, find their friends, and transfer extra tickets they have. And of course we’ve added integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp. We really are going to revolutionize the 2012 convention experience and we actually might influence a Presidential election after all.

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Revolutionizing the 2012 Convention Experience from Event Farm on Vimeo.