Event Farm at 2012 Conventions


Hopefully you had a great summer! We wanted to share some thoughts from our most recent work producing events at the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions as we think there are some valuable takeaways.

As you may know, Event Farm was originally developed from our internal frustrations with ticketing and guest registration at the events we produce. Our struggles drove us to be better. And most importantly having real event experience proved invaluable when developing the Event Farm platform. Today, we not only continue to have the same enthusiasm for producing events but we also firmly believe that when we do our software gets even better.

So…..Event Farm dove head first into one of the biggest event opportunities of the year: the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. In partnership with Hyper Vocal and Fighter Interactive, Event Farm lead an effort to produce 17 events over an 8 day period branded as Startup Rockon. You can see some of the highlights on our Facebook Page. Yea that’s more than 2 events a day! The feedback we got back from all sides was overwhelmingly positive. We funded 2 companies, engaged thousands, and exposed our brands to millions of impressions.

Here’s why we think Startup Rockon was such a success:

  • Our mission was well defined: honor and celebrate America’s startup culture.
  • Our branding conveyed that mission well.
  • We targeted our audiences well and were confident we’d have a full house at our events. We did!
  • We leveraged RFID technology for social engagement to reach hundreds of thousands of people
  • We made sure to have fun.

MSNBC shadowed our CEO Ryan Costello to get the inside scoop on what it means to be an event producer and they put together a short video piece you might enjoy.

Careers Hot Jobs Partying at political conventions from Event Farm on Vimeo.

Hopefully these are helpful takeaways for your Fall events.

Have fun. People like that!

Event Farm Events Team