Event Farm Launches New and Improved Check-In App

We’re excited to announce that Event Farm’s updated and optimized mobile check-in application is now available in the Apple App Store.

We’ve reinvented our check-in options to include a fresh user interface that looks great and optimizes app navigation and usability, making check-in a stress free experience for both you and your guests.

Based directly on extensive customer feedback and testing, we’ve built solutions to the most common, most stressful issues that can occur at the door of an event.

What’s included in the NEW check-in app?

online-offline mode.png Online / Offline Mode: Reliable wi-fi is typically out of your control at events, and this can cause chaos during check-in. With guests lining up at the door, how do you ensure that your check-in staff is equipped to capture and save important information? We built our app so that even in spotty wi-fi, you’ll be able to gather the necessary data points for impactful post-event follow-up.
 sync.png New Sync Key: If you do find yourself in spotty wi-fi, and there’s a question about guest list sync status, tap the dot in the right hand corner of app the screen. The sync status pop up will show you exactly where your data is in the sync process.
 QR code.png QR Code Reader: We’ve completely overhauled the infrastructure of the QR code reader so guest check-in is quicker and more efficient than ever.
 tickets.png Ticket Type & Status Sorting: It’s easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. Search your guest list by ticket type and ticket status within a given event.
 leave behind.png Leave Behinds: This function will allow you to check-in plus ones and additional guests at any time, no matter when other guests in the group arrive. With leave behinds, all guest data will be captured on-site even if arrivals are sporadic.
 analytics.png Robust Analytics: Guest lists in the Event Farm app can be sorted by different ticket types and statuses, allowing for quick and easy segmentation and post-event reporting. By clicking on the “All Tickets” and “Multiple Statuses” options at the top of your guest list, you’ll be able to view real time statistics about guest list attendance rates.
 tutorial.png Tutorials: Have a question about the app? We’ve got you covered. Our tutorials will walk you through every step of check-in application to eliminate frustrating moments for you and your staff. Tutorials will provide feature descriptions and best practices for usage.
 registration questions.png Registration Questions: Establish a personal connection with guests as soon as they walk through the door at your event. Guest answers to registration questions will appear within a guest’s profile in the check-in application, and will enable their first impression of your event to be a powerful one.

The features of the check-in app are optimized to combat the at-the-door stressors, but become even more powerful when utilized alongside the robust capabilities of the Event Farm core platform.

By layering in check-in data with the rest of your event marketing tech infrastructure, it becomes actionable and strategic. As an Event Farm full platform user, you’ll have the most advanced check-in and event marketing capabilities at your fingertips, any time for every event. With each event you run, you’ll build and expand your contacts repository, enabling you to easily analyze guest engagement and provide a foundation for impactful outreach for future events.

Using the check-in app alongside Event Farm’s full platform also ensures that event creation is streamlined and automated, and eliminates manual data transfer from check-in app to event marketing platform. This means that when it comes time to send follow-up messages to your guests, it’s as easy as a click of a button. Archive all past events and copy details over when it comes time to get going on your next endeavor.

Bonus: a dedicated customer success manager will act as a partner through event set-up, check-in and beyond, making your next event the most successful one yet.

Ready for a stress-free event experience from start to finish? Download the app today.