Post PLANNERTECH Perspective


Two weeks ago… amidst the franticness of Internet Week NY, nestled away in the intimate downstairs level of Heartland Brewery gathered #eventprofs from across the city to share and discuss the latest in event planning technology. PLANNERTECH is it’s appropriately named is the creation of Liz King, master of connecting and curator of bringing together not only some of the most exciting tech companies in the events space but also their competitors all in the name of sharing and making events easier for planners and attendees.

For those that missed the presentations, networking and tasty Heartland Brews…here are some of our favorite take-a-ways.

Social Tables.

A bride’s best friend and a planner’s alternative to advil. It still astonishes me how complex of a world seating people at tables can be. Hats off to Dan Berger, as now after thousands of years there’s a better way to complete a once daunting task… some would say that it’s even kinda fun. Sprinkle in the social media integration and these folks are building much more than a seating chart. Exciting new upgrades are on the way as well, keep these guys bookmarked and next to that bride-to-be’s bedside.

Maestro Market.

It’s like Star Search for events… Remember Star Search folks? For the younger readers it was like American Idol, but instead of Seacrest you got Ed McMahon…you know the old guy from the Publishers Clearing House letters…you know a letter like you used to get in the mail…no silly not email. Nevermind, I digress…so Maestro Market is set to be the clearinghouse when searching for talent or subject matter experts to contribute to your next event. It’s well worth giving it a look and hey…think about posting yourself up there while you’re at it.


Venue search just got easier, I’m picking up what these guys are putting down. Have you seen the interface? Wait until your done reading this blog and then go check it out…Josh and his team has literally saved all of us painstaking hours trying to get call backs from venues just to find out availbiity dates. Don’t get me started on determining pricing either, that’s the other half of the battle that imBookin has defeated nicely with per person food and beverage costs shown for each venue. Potential timesuck thwarted!


Let’s be honest, for the foreseeable future professional networking will remain awkward at best. Finding and starting a conversation with the type of contact you’re looking to meet is a crapshoot and the team at Qrious is out to make our odds much, much better. It’s like eHarmony for networking with recommendations on who you should meet based on what you’re looking to accomplish. Sound more useful than that extra glass of wine that’s gonna keep you networking with strangers all night? It’s because it is!


Yes…There’s a Yapp for that…so what you’re telling me is that I can make my own app in minutes? Yes. And it looks good? Yes. And I can brand it? Yes…so what you’re telling me is that I can make an app for my family reunion this week? Yes…For my wedding weekend? Yes….I haven’t been this excited for a chance to impress my friends since I learned to talk like Kermit the Frog. Yapp is still in private Beta, but is well worth checking out and is my official winner of the PLANNERTECH Coolness Award.

Lastly, we were honored that Liz asked us to showcase what’s been growing here at Event Farmsince last year’s PLANNERTECH. The presentation window of 4 minutes was like trying to put the farmer’s almanac into a tweet, but somehow we managed to squeeze it all in. A few of the fun Farm facts shared was how we’ve mastered the art of the much sought after non-transferable email invitation and that the Event Farm iOS/Andriod app now features a mobile box-office for selling tickets, merchandise and collecting donations.Stay tuned this summer as we have some fresh features starting to sprout up in the Event Farmfield out back…

That’s our take on PLANNERTECH 2012, it’s always fun to meet new #eventprofs friends while also having the opportunity to arm wrestle with our competition. Thanks again to @lizkingevents, @edwaffles and @imbookin for a great evening!