In Vegas, they call it table stakes.

Every event is different. Every aspect—from your goals, to your guest list, even those last-minute things that go wrong but you fix in the knick of time like a hero—is unique.

But every event is also the same. You need check in, you need to know how many guests show up, and you need to know who shows up. Controlling event access and understanding your attendees are just things you need to run a successful event. You know, table stakes.

Event Farm Check-In provides the best experience for running your event's door. We believe that's something every event marketer deserves—so we're giving it away free. And what's in it for us? We're betting you'll love Check-In so much that you'll find yourself wondering what else we can do.

Because beyond Check-In, there's a world of products we offer for all the unique parts of your event. There's EFx for innovative experience creation, including SMS features. Lead Capture for making business events powerful for your sales pros. And more.

You can learn about all of that when you're ready, but for now, having a reliable check-in app that will capture your most important data point is in your control, and it's free. Event Farm Check-In doesn't stop working because WiFi goes out for a bit, and the data will sync across devices in real-time. It's kind of like a Swiss Army Knife that'll adapt to whatever check-in variable your event throws at you—and you can get it free.