Siri for President? How can the iPhone’s new personal assistant change the world?


In just a few months, Siri has become the most successful voice recognition tool for consumers we have ever seen. I guess its not all together surprising that this an Apple product. As usual, they did it right. Siri is fun, simple, and efficient. Recently in a brainstorming session at Event Farm we began to consider the possibilities of Apple releasing an API allowing developers to integrate and leverage this technology. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have Siri shop online for us? She would know our sizes, know what we like, and even have our credit information and shipping addresses. Could Siri order pizza for take out? Could she pay our bills? Could she become the candidate the Republicans are so desperately seeking?! Well that’s pretty far off at this point but you get our point. We believe that voice recognition software has the ability to completely change the world we know and live today.

Traditionally though, Apple has not been a completely developer friendly company. Steve Job’s vision was to control every aspect of Apple products (hardware and software) so they could ensure their quality and user experience. They even go so far as to review and approve every software application developed for IOS devices. Can you imagine how many people are on that review team today? While this certainly produces what we’ve come to expect from Apple, awesome gadgets, it limits the evolution of their products.

In the other side of the aisle, Google has been very developer friendly. The Droid platform and marketplace are much easier to work with and today developers are focussing more and more energy on Droid products. We wondered then – when is Google going to step up to the voice recognition plate? Apparently its not so far off. After some research it seems that project “Majel” is in the works and could soon be Siri’s new competition. See Mashable Article. We’re not picking a dog in this fight quite yet, we’re just glad to see Google adding competition to the market – as it can only make both companies stronger and bring an API to the market quicker.

While its obviously pre-mature, you cant fault us for dreaming of the day when Event Farm will be able to allow users to have Siri or Majel purchase tickets to events, invite guests to private events, create ticket blocks for sponsors, transfer extra tickets to friends, and entirely control our software platform from voice commands. We embrace creativity and innovation at Event Farm. Its one of our core values as a company. We’re not ready to vote Siri for president quite yet but we can’t wait to see her and Majel mature and become a bigger part of software development. I know we’ll be an early adopter!