Welcome to the Farm! Meet Alexandra and Brian, the Event Farm Marketing Team

Say hello to Alexandra and Brian!

Please join us in welcoming our newest hires and dynamic duo — Alexandra Gibson, our new CMO, and Brian Pesin, our new Marketing Manager — to the Event Farm team! Together, they make up the Event Farm marketing team.


Alexandra lives and breathes digital marketing, and is a 4x start-up veteran, meaning she’s built the marketing from the ground up for four different companies, including her family’s interior design group and her own digital marketing agency, OttoPilot Media. She’s incredibly excited to tackle her fifth endeavor here at the Farm. When she’s not busy strategizing and building inbound marketing machines, you can find her at the front of a live music venue’s stage, hitting the slopes, or galloping into the sunset on the back of a horse.

Brian discovered his passion for marketing while studying at Stanford, where he took practical classes about human behavior and virtual communities that directly related to his future career path. He picked up valuable experience at with the marketing teams at Twitter, Wildfire and Stanford while in California before landing in DC at another local startup before moving to the Farm. When not executing on the many things keeping him busy at the farm, you can find him hanging out with his dog Moby or jetsetting to visit friends, family and new places.

Let’s learn a little more about why Alexandra and Brian are excited to join us on the farm and what they’ll bring to the table.


Alexandra: I was extremely impressed with the traction that Event Farm had with notable clients across multiple industries, like Facebook, Politico, JP Morgan, and more. Much of this was a testament to the need for an event marketing software that catered to large companies that wanted a personalized and branded approach to their guests’ early experiences with an event–from invitation, to registration, to event check-in. From a team perspective, I was most impressed with the emphasis placed on client success. It was not just a buzzword batted around, but was actually a living and breathing part of the Event Farm culture. If we can’t make our clients successful, I don’t know what we’re doing here. More companies should focus on making their clients successful rather than just focusing on their own success. Turns out, they usually work hand-in-hand.

Brian: First and foremost, the people and the culture at Event Farm are awesome. I’ve known for a long time that I fit in best at fast-paced start-ups, where there is a ton of opportunity to learn, contribute, and rapidly advance myself, and Event Farm fits that description to a T. I’ve also always been invested in events and have substantial experience planning and executing them with success, so the fact that the platform does so much to make event planners’ and big brands’ events and lives bigger and better really resonates with me. 


Event marketing platformAlexandra: Previously, events were used largely for brand awareness. I’m excited about the direction and possibilities with data integration. Event marketing should not live on an island but should be part of an integrated marketing strategy. To show that integration, companies can now tie event data, down to the contact level, back into their marketing cloud to determine how events are contributing to conversions, increased spend, increased brand loyalty (through buy frequency or NPS). This is extremely exciting to me that event marketing no longer needs to live in a silo.

Brian: I love all of the really positive things that technology is doing to make in-person events better. It’s allowed event planners to show the ROI of their events, proving just how important they are for major brands and attendees alike. New event tech also provides additional depth and better experiences to drive attendee engagement and enhanced data down to the individual level, which paints a really comprehensive picture detailing why events are so important for major brands.


Alexandra: This is still TBD. My dog McCord has a farm name — The Distiller. He’s a Scottish Terrier so it seemed to fit him and there is still some thought that he may break into the liquor cabinet at home.

Event marketing softwareBrian: It took me a while to come up with this, but my name is “the Botanist.” I found a lot of parallels between the four pillars of inbound marketing (attract, convert, close, delight) and a flower’s pollination and growing process. As a marketer, it’s my job to attract new leads and potential clients to the Farm with great content and high-quality messaging to help us grow our business. Once they’ve first stepped foot “on the farm,” there’s a lot that we need to do in order to keep them there and convert them to happy customers and raving fans, much like a botanist would need to do to initially get his flowers beautiful, and then getting that appeal to last.

We couldn’t be more excited to have our new farMarketers on board! To learn more about our marketing team and see how Event Farm can help you build a strong brand and great events, click here to contact us or tweet us @eventfarm.