How to Use Event Farm and EventBrite Together

Now more than ever, event marketers are faced with the task of managing consistently innovative, diverse events. Those in the events industry need to get increasingly creative in order to reach broad audiences and effectively get the right people through the door.  

Because of this, event planners often leverage the power of event marketing and management software to aid in logistical planning and help make the event end product the very best it can be.
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9 Essential Apps for Event Planners

Event planners have complicated workflows—from finding the perfect venue to ensuring that the right people get the right invitations, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together to create one coordinated, successful event.

Luckily, there are powerful tools that can help organize and synchronize your event-planning efforts. Whether you need inspiration for your event’s décor or are looking for ways to communicate more efficiently with your team, check out our list of nine essential apps that should be part of your event-planning toolkit.

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How to Market Your Event to Attract the Best Attendees

event-attendees.jpgHosting an event isn’t about getting just anyone to show up to your venue—it’s about getting the best attendees possible to walk through those doors. No matter how much time or how many resources you put into planning an event, it will be difficult to find success if the right crowd is not in attendance.

Who makes up the right crowd? The people who will be most receptive to your event’s purpose and message. It’s important to not only gauge attendance by the number of people in the room, but to also consider the likelihood that the people in that room will help your event reach its ultimate goal, whatever that may be. In order to ensure that your guest list will help secure your event’s success, follow our six tips for marketing your event to get the best attendees.
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20 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mobile Event App

Choosing a mobile event app

Finding the right mobile event app for your next live experience can pose a big challenge, even for the most seasoned of event planners! The number of different solutions from which to choose exceeds a planner’s ability to properly evaluate them all, let alone champion your preferred software to your company internally. Though the search can seem overwhelming, a mobile event app is an essential component to your strategy, both when it comes to making your job easier and creating an unforgettable experience for your event participants. Additionally, once you’ve chosen and become familiar with your preferred solution, you’ll be able to use it to maximize all aspects of any events you may have moving forward.

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Efficient Farming: Our 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

Let’s face it… some days you get everything done while others become chaotic and productivity flys out the window.  How can you work efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis? Well, we’re going to let you in on a few Farm secrets and share our favorite productivity tools that will help you stay organized (and sane)!

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Is my invite REALLY non-transferable?

Non-transferable invite

First things first… why do we even send invitations? Well, invitations provide an opportunity to brand your event, create a sense of excitement and exclusivity, and ultimately inform your guests.  Not only are invitations meant to educate and engage your audience, they’re the first step in engaging that desired demographic! However, in this day and age of forwardable invitation links and Facebook events… how can you be sure your invites are going to the right people? Don’t worry… we’ll fill you in!

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No More No-shows: 4 Tips on Decreasing Attendee Drop-off

No more no-shows

Nearly every day we have clients ask, “how many invites should we send to get our target number of guests in the door?” If such an algorithm existed, it would rival the one Google uses to determine search results.  We’ve celebrated clients who’ve had a 90% check-in rate and consoled those that have had 9%.  One thing we know for certain is that the four tips below will help keep your attendee count as predictable as possible:

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21st Century Branding: How to Become more than just a Logo


In an age of constant advertising, our audience has begun to filter out obvious branding. How can you rise above the noise and make an impact on your attendees? Your live events provide an opportunity to be more than just a product or service – they give you the chance to communicate the message, personality, and goals of your brand. Create an environment and experience that echoes that message.

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