‘WCW’ Event Series: Wellness and Business Advice That’ll Make You More Productive

If you’re a marketer who has at least peripheral interest in wellness (who doesn’t these days?), I invite you to consider the following hypothesis:

Marketing and wellness might not share much in terms of subject matter, but most of the content that covers marketing and wellness shares an unfortunate trend:

It’s crappy clickbait that offers a supposed path to getting more out of doing less.

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The Power of Event Marketing Automation: Lessons From Our Event Series

When we first kicked off the planning process for our Women Crushing It Wednesday series, I wrote a blog post about why every marketing team should consider hosting an event series. I also said the hardest part of hosting an event is the first step: Setting the date and making the commitment to follow through with it.

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Managing the iOS Keyboard for All Configurations

Last time I wrote a blog post I took you deep into the woods of Core Data. Today, I’d like to talk about something that just about every iOS app has to deal with, the on-screen keyboard.  That keyboard can cover just about half the screen on iPhones and a good portion of iPad screens too.  If you’re not careful, important content (like the UITextField your user is typing into) will be hidden by the keyboard at the start of editing.  You can’t just count on one size per device per orientation either.  What if the next release of iOS changes the size of the keyboard?

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Workarounds for Common Challenges in Gmail

gmail.pngTaking slightly over 15% of the marketshare, the desktop version of Gmail is the second most used email client as of December 2015. Apple iPhone was the only platform that took more shares at a little over 32%. Gmail also happens to be one of the most restrictive email clients in terms of CSS support. When building HTML emails, if we aspire for a consistent experience across all platforms we must work within the restrictions that Gmail sets on us. Some of these restrictions can be worked around, others cannot. Below are some of the common issues that developers working with Gmail face and how they can be dealt with.

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Welcome to the Farm! Meet Alexandra and Brian, the Event Farm Marketing Team

Say hello to Alexandra and Brian!

Please join us in welcoming our newest hires and dynamic duo — Alexandra Gibson, our new CMO, and Brian Pesin, our new Marketing Manager — to the Event Farm team! Together, they make up the Event Farm marketing team.


Alexandra lives and breathes digital marketing, and is a 4x start-up veteran, meaning she’s built the marketing from the ground up for four different companies, including her family’s interior design group and her own digital marketing agency, OttoPilot Media. She’s incredibly excited to tackle her fifth endeavor here at the Farm. When she’s not busy strategizing and building inbound marketing machines, you can find her at the front of a live music venue’s stage, hitting the slopes, or galloping into the sunset on the back of a horse.

Brian discovered his passion for marketing while studying at Stanford, where he took practical classes about human behavior and virtual communities that directly related to his future career path. He picked up valuable experience at with the marketing teams at Twitter, Wildfire and Stanford while in California before landing in DC at another local startup before moving to the Farm. When not executing on the many things keeping him busy at the farm, you can find him hanging out with his dog Moby or jetsetting to visit friends, family and new places.

Let’s learn a little more about why Alexandra and Brian are excited to join us on the farm and what they’ll bring to the table.

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NBA Draft Parties: Using Parties to Engage Fans in the Off-Season

As many arenas across the country sit empty and jumbotrons stay dark, NBA event teams continue to look for a 2015-NBA-draftway to engage with their respective fan bases and ticket holders. Event directors across the country are piggybacking on the upcoming NBA draft by holding draft parties to satisfy multiple objectives.

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