The Farmers Disrupt Tech Crunch 2014

TechCrunch Disrupt has long been a place for forward thinking tech companies to come together to celebrate industry innovations. This year, we shook things up by unleashing our latest round of event technology that has never been seen before. By leveraging our near field communication (NFC) platform HOVER, we were able to essentially build a personalized, digital playground. Check out some of our awesome Disrupt activations below:

TechCrunch Disrupt

Personalized Data Visualizations

The key to fostering guest engagement is to personalize the interactions. Each guest’s information was stored on their digital tattoo. When they activated it at check-in, they were greeted with a “OMG [Their Name]!!! You’ve Arrived!” This level of personalization was integrated into every activation at the after parties.


Gift wall

Digital Gift Wall

Abandoning traditional “SWAG,” of the past, we opted to dispense digital gifts. Our wall read “Want a haircut? Scan your badge!” Once a guest scanned their NFC enabled tattoo over our gift station, they were sent a voucher for a free haircut directly to their email. All they had to do was sign up and show up!



“Digital” Haircuts

Why haircuts, you ask? Well, we wanted to experiment with how our digital gifting wall could drive attendees to take action. After peaking their interest by offering a non-traditional party favor, it turns out that most people following “startup chic” guidelines could use a haircut! Many thanks to the wonderful Revamp Salon SF team for making everyone look amazing!



Emoticon Personality Game

Are you a Dreamer or a Hacker? After taking a survey, our emoticon game unveiled guests’ emoji personalities! Based on the rolling data being collected, we kept score of each emoji’s popularity, making it a competition. Interestingly enough, while other emojis started with a commanding lead, as the night went on (and drinks poured), guests started answering surveys more truthfully and zealously. The result? PUMPED won both nights!



Moe G

This fella was our walking, talking, living, breathing, break-dancing (kinda) emoji mascot for the entirety of Disrupt. Moe G represents the idea that technology isn’t just functional, but can “come to life” in engaging and interactive ways as we work towards bringing the digital into the physical world. Plus.. isn’t he adorable?


Partnering with TC Disrupt was a great opportunity to expose our guests to the next generation of event technology. We learned that having guests use NFC to trigger personalized, digital actions truly equals the most impactful engagement. For example, at just 1 event with approximately 340 guests, we had over 1800 activations, averaging just over 5 voluntary digital actions per guest. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!